Top 10 Ugliest Animals in Existence (Part 1)

Of all of the creepy creatures that exist in the world, we found 10 special species that are by far the ugliest animals you have ever seen. These poor beasties live a hard life, being the cruel joke of mother nature. Morals aside, these ugliest animals of the whole planet are a sight to see! Don’t forget to check back for our part two article, where we reveal the top five ugliest animals of the bunch!

Number Ten: The Star-Nosed Mole. This little creature isn’t exactly the most attractive, but its features serve a good purpose. The “star-nose” on this guy is actually a set of sensory organs that allows the mole to super see, in a sense. It can even sense prey at impressive distances. The Star-Nosed Mole spends most of its life span bound to water, although it comes to land for food. They are even noted to have great digging skills and create architecturally magnificent underground tunnels close to home.

Number Nine: The Matamata Turtle. The Matamata bears a Spanish name that, when translated to English, means “Kill! Kill!”. Creepy, right? This turtle’s extensive neck is lined with unsightly warts and folds. It is characterized most for its big, flat head, and snorkel-like nose. Although not visually pleasing, these characteristics only benefit the survival techniques of the Matamata. Upon first glance, most other creatures consider the turtle to be only a set of rocks and is the perfect disguise for preying in the South American waters. As a fish swims by all innocently, the Matamata snaps him up with one quick bite.

Number Eight: The Vampire Bat. In addition to its appearance, the little beast doesn’t have quite an appealing name, either. The Vampire Bat actually received its name for its habit of consuming the blood of animals, which isn’t very reassuring. Its wrinkled nose and bony appearance is enough to drive anyone away. If that doesn’t scare you, just take a look at those fearsome fangs. The species is nocturnal in nature, and preys on horses, birds, pigs, cows; pretty much any mammal it can find including you! Their teeth pull off a layer of its victim’s skin, and then the bat licks up the blood. On the plus side, the Vampire Bat is small enough that you would live from such an unfortunate experience

Number Seven: The Proboscis Monkey. This intriguing species of monkey is characterized by its enormous nose, which is also the source of its name. The nose is said to be attractive among other Proboscis Monkeys, but for us it looks a bit too much like David Schwimmer. As a new Proboscis is born, they bear a face with a small nose and blue hue. However, they eventually grow into their big-boy faces when they reach an age suitable for mating.

Number Six: The Warthog. Of all of our ugliest animals, this one definitely has a preceding reputation. With a long, flat head and seemingly stretched snout, the Warthog isn’t the most handsome in the circle of life. Most intimidating of all, huge and sharp tusks protrude from the sides of its snout. Also, as reasoning for the name, this little guy actually is covered in warts! Surprising, right? These animals have to be scary and hardened, as they have a habit of battling by running face first into each other.