Top 32 Craziest Fetishes of All Time (Part 1)

Everyone has their own sexual preferences, but we have found the 33 craziest fetishes you have ever heard of! Fetishes are a part of life, and everyone has their own kinks and desires. However, some are just so outlandish, so extreme, and so excruciatingly awkward that we had to make this list for you! Read on to discover these 33 craziest fetishes that really turn people on! Also, be sure to come back for our parts two through four articles, where we reveal the remaining 24 craziest fetishes!

Number Thirty-Two: Eproctophilia. Have you ever experience a tingly emotion from just hearing someone pass gas? Not likely. Though if you have, you might be inclined to Eproctophilia. This is the sexually attraction to the release of flatulence, most often males attracted to female farts.

Number Thirty-One: Beastiality. This particular fetish has become quite well known due to the crazy antics of messed-up people and media headlines. We probably don’t need to tell you, but people who dig beastiality get a special kick out of getting intimate with animals.

Number Thirty: Furries. Since beastiality is illegal, you could get the next best thing from engaging with Furries. This is the name that refers to a group of people who dress up in animal costumes, and often result in the action of dry humping or even actual intercourse. Although, the outfits can’t be easy to get off.

Number Twenty-Nine: Klismaphilia. When we said weirdest fetishes, we really meant the weirdest. For example: klismaphilia. This is characterized by receiving sexual pleasure from enemas, or other liquids shot into the rectum.

Number Twenty-Eight: Necrophilia. Another fetish that has built quite a reputation in the modern day is necrophilia, reserved only for the sickest of the sick. If you are unaware, this is a sexual thrill resulting from intercourse with a corpse. As wrong as this is, it’s kind of a fun tongue-twister.

Number Twenty-Seven: Emetophilia. Most fetishes aren’t entirely logical, and this one sure isn’t pretty. People who engage in emetophilia are attracted to the bodily function of vomiting. When blowing chunks over a partner, it is said to be called a Roman Shower.

Number Twenty-Six: Dacryphilia. Dacryphilia is not only odd, but just cruel. These people experience sexual arousal from Da Cry. Just kidding, we couldn’t help ourselves. Although it is kind of true; people who enjoy dacryphilia get a thrill from the tears of their sexual partner.

Number Twenty-Five: Crush. As we have mentioned before, fetishes often aren’t logical. If you find it sexually arousing when the opposite sex steps on, or crushes, objects, you might just have a Crush fetish.