Bisexuals: 10 Secrets They Won’t Tell You (Part 1)

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Bisexuals have received quite a bit of disapproval and misunderstanding in the past, even in the “more accepting” modern day. In order to help our readers understand the nature and thought process of bisexuality, we are here to present a guide to this completely natural sexual preference. It isn’t all facts and figures, however, we also decided to through in a little playful gossip. Who doesn’t enjoy a bit of risqué fun? To get the scoop on the 10 secrets about bisexuals that even they might not tell you, all you have to do is keep reading. You also have to come back to see our coming part two article when we reveal the juiciest five secrets on bisexuals of the whole list!

Number Ten: It isn’t Just Us. There are studies of over 1,500 animal species in which homosexual tendencies are considered to be normal. Some of these species include frogs, giraffes, birds, lions, and chimps. There are two notable species who are also observed to show homosexual behavior, and they are the only other species known to have intercourse for pleasure: bonobos and dolphins. In fact, it is so normal to animals that New York Zoo patrons were lucky enough to watch Roy and Silo, two male penguins, raise a baby penguin together. Afterwards, they hobbled away to find female mates. It is often even said that there are no species in existence found to abstain from homosexual behavior, save for species that do not reproduce at all.

Number Nine: The Origins. Believe it or not, the term “bisexual” has become somewhat of a slang term in the modern day. The word has been recorded in use as early as 1824, although back then it was the equivalent to what we classify as a hermaphrodite today. It wasn’t for about another hundred years until it became a term to describe someone who goes both ways.

Number Eight: Back to Greek. Not only is the concept of bisexuality old, but it has even been mentioned in Greek fables of the early gods. In fact, it is how Tiresias, the blind prophet, is said to have gotten his abilities. As Zeus and Hera argued over who received more pleasure from sex, they made a bet. Hera claimed that men received more pleasure, and Zeus bet on women. The feuding couple turned Tiresias, a man, into a woman. Not long after, they asked her to settle their bet with an answer: women won. Hera was so furious, she blinded him; Zeus then gave him the ability to see the future.

Number Seven: Holding Power. Bisexuality is no longer something to hide behind. In fact, many government officials of the modern day have decided to take the leap of coming out. The first to reveal her bisexuality was Evelyn Mantilla in 1997. Other officials followed her lead, including Kate Brown, Micah Kellner, JoCasta Zamarripa, and Kyrsten Sinema.

Number Six: The Special Flag. Most people have seen the gay flag, but not many people are familiar with the bisexual flag. It shows a large pink stripe at the top and a large blue stripe at the bottom, both connected by a thin layer of purple. Pink represents homosexuality, blue represents heterosexuality, and purple represents the joining of the two. Michael Page was the mastermind behind its design and has been in use since 1998. Don’t forget to come back and view our coming part two article, when we reveal the juiciest five secrets on bisexuals of the whole list!