Empire Cast ft. Estelle, Jussie Smollett: ‘Conqueror’ Single Review


As the trance begins to commence into the soul, Jussie Smollett, gives his vocal plot line on the best single of 2015, “Conqueror.” After the massively riveting performance in front of 14.33 million viewers on Fox’s juggernaut Empire, the song climbed to the top of iTunes. Estelle accepted the biggest moment of her career by having her single from the album, True Romance, aided on the biggest television show quite possibly ever. 

The two singers truly make up an extraordinary and engaging collaboration. The lively chemistry and commitment are inspiring beyond belief. Both of these voices together produce a perfect lullaby that is powerfully epic, as the wind comes and swarms the lyrics into the heart like a train wreck. It is evident that this song is meant to motivate and encourage anybody in their darkest hours. Moreover, the production is exciting and climatic, raising during the chorus when the drums pound out all of the fears and insecurities keeping the dreams far away from arm’s reach.

In the first verse, the soothing remedy of Smollett’s vocals is pure; “We all make mistakes” but “You gotta get up” because “I am a conqueror,” restores the soul. Smollett daringly tackles the strength inside to overcome the unfavourable tide and discovers clarity. Once again, it’s another moving vocal showcase from the newly signed Columbia Records artist.

Estelle takes no prisoners and comes up with the vocal offering of her career. In her most convincing and shining moment, she sings, “A lot of dirty work / Roll up your sleeves / Remember / There’s a war out there / So come prepared to fight.” It is meaningful advice for troublesome times that even in the midst, the fight still must continue.

As a single, “Conqueror,” is a tour de force of the music that people are begging for in the world. This song is important in that it shows strength and perseverance should be heard loud on every station across the globe, regardless of the genre. The message is enthralling and provides hope in the towering tide building over the shoulders. With this song, anything is possible in this crazy world. Remember: “We all make mistakes / You might fall on your face / Don’t ever give up,” on your dreams, conquer each and every one.