Empire Cast ft. Yazz, Serayah McNeill: ‘Drip Drop’ Single Review


The vortex is in orbit on the futuristic, uptempo club number, “Drip Drop,” and even the Martians would agree that this is an alien attack hit, expected to shoot into infinity and beyond at a lightyears velocity. Hakeem, the youngest brother from the Fox show Empire, taps rap persona Yazz and captivates into space with this favorable record with sparkling talent from Serayah McNeill. Producer Timbaland knows that this had to be a smash record, waiting to be unleashed on the world and proving that there is not a producer alive who can create the perfect novelty club record quite like Timbo. This song is dripping and sweating from complete twister-like tendencies because of the force of arrival that says: it is the best thing the club’s missing, a pompous memorable hit. Surely, this summer’s hot and record breaking temperatures have relief with this cool “Drip Drop” hit.

Yazz, on his first solo single release, totally drives the beat like he is Vin Diesel in Fast & Furious behind that V6. Yazz teases before the beat drop as he raps, “She do it all night / She goin’ hard, right? / She love the spotlight / She make that thang go,” and then the chorus lands in space: “Drip drop, drip drippity drop / Drip drop, I do my dance like / Drip drop, drip drippity drop / Drip drop, drip drippity drop.” The animated vocals from McNeill allures listeners, attracting ladies who just wanna “drop it low.” This irresistible collaboration brings to mind the useful sexy duets from the ’90’s like Busta Rhymes featuring Janet Jackson on “What’s It Gonna Be.” 

Timbaland’s masterful work as a producer shows the artistic commitment because this sounds remotely nothing like anything on Urban radio, which is what made him a standout from the average in the first place. The beat sounds better than the music most mainstream rappers use for radio airplay. It’s not garbage; it’s entertainment in the highest form. Production alone is a testimonial on how Timbaland consistently creates some of the most memorable compositions known to man.

As as single, this song is Arizona hot on any day of the year and is destined for greatness as a frontrunner for the biggest and most memorable hit of the summer. Yazz is the rapper to watch out for because he immediately gives Tyga, Drake, Big Sean etc., some mainstream competition. In the end, all it takes is one dose of this song to fall completely head sprung in love.