Ian Thomas ft. Tyga: ‘Cheers’ Single Review

Ian Thomas ft. Tyga: 'Cheers' Single Review

Who is Ian Thomas? He is a young Belgian singer, songwriter and actor. He is an artist that is breaking out into the world. His music is huge in Europe, and now he is bringing it to the US and the rest of the world. His single is a much awaited one, titled “Cheers,” and it features Young Money rapper, Tyga.

First of all, when you are a young upcoming artist and your first major international collaboration features a big time artist, it is guaranteed success for you. Secondly, when you put up such an impressive performance on that collaboration, you are assured of making an independent impression for you as an artist.

Ian Thomas is from a family that is into showbiz. He is another one of those sensations that owe their success to YouTube. His cover of Justin Bieber’s song “Baby” was posted on YouTube by his step-dad Chris, and it went viral. It attracted attention from Universal Music who later signed him. He then began working on major projects that would soon establish him as a young artist with true talent. He has three albums to his name, and he has collaborations with other big names including Snoop Dogg.

“Cheers” is what one would expect from a young artist with such an impressive musical résumé. As it should be, Tyga gets to go first on this song. This to me has always been the ultimate marketing strategy for new artists trying to break out into a new market. Having an established artist with a high reputation in that market introduce the song gets the audience’s attention. Tyga does the introductory verse on this song and later Ian comes in to do his thing.

Tyga has some of the catchiest clever lines in the rap game. In his introductory verse, the most memorable one for me is, “look up in the sky, am a star baby.” That was super impressive if you ask me. Tyga has the ultimate show off clever lines. When he says, “look up in the sky,” I can bet you have no idea what may follow and then he sums it up with “am a star baby,” and it is unbelievably creative. Everything that requires looking up means you are looking at something that is big or important or successful. That’s why we have people we “look up to in life.” They are where we’d wish to be and they are of great importance. Relating all this to Tyga’s line makes the cleverness so vivid.

Ian Thomas brings the chorus in after Tyga’s introductory verse and he sings, “Cheers to the Weekend, cheers to the fact / that you are spending every night like it’s never coming back / cheers to the people in the club to the party / cheers to the people in the club to the party.” This is a perfectly executed chorus. It has that Friday club vibe written all over it. It instantly kills all the stress and turns the mood to “forget all your troubles and party.” It is a song that celebrates life and inspires one to have a good time. It is the ultimate party song. “Cheers” is that new family member to your Friday playlist and maybe the new favorite member of that family.

After Ian Thomas’ verse, he does the chorus with extra lines that are extremely interesting. He sings, “Cheers to the money / cheers to my ex / cheers to the future / cheers to my next / cheers to the people in the club to the party / cheers to the people in the club to the party.” The message from this verse is, you should put all your troubles aside including the ever troublesome “ex.” Just have fun and worry about nothing. Celebrate everything you couldn’t, think about the road you’ve travelled and cheers to everything that makes you happy.

Tyga then delivers another verse with the quality admirable Tyga traits like an insanely catchy flow and good lyrics. Then song calms down for a while and the instruments phase out as Ian sings “cheers to the people in the club to the party” after which it picks up again and kicks into the party scene again.

“Cheers” is a very good song to unwind to after a long week. It is one of those set your troubles aside and enjoy the moment. Your problems will always be there but those moments you enjoy help to keep your mind clear and avoid insanity. Ian Thomas is definitely making his mark in a big way. Breaking through the international market is never easy but when you have the right track for the occasion, you have absolutely nothing to worry about. He is only just 18 and with the kind of music he is delivering, the future is bright for him and everyone that loves good music.