Top 32 Craziest Fetishes of All Time (Part 2)

You have been creeped out, baffled, and even disgusted by the eight craziest fetishes in our part one article, and now we are back to present part two with eight more! Did your favorite fetish appear on our list yet? We hope it doesn’t! Don’t forget to check back for our last two articles, parts three and four, with the final top 16 craziest fetishes to ever exist!

Number Twenty-Four: Menophilia. Real men show their women how much they love them every day of the month. Especially if they have menophilia. If you haven’t caught on yet, this is an excitement that some men get from women having their period.

Number Twenty-Three: Catheterophilia. Here is another disturbing one for you, how about the sexual thrill of having a catheter piped through your urethra? That doesn’t sound fun at all, but that is catheterophilia.

Number Twenty-Two: Hierophilia. If you have experienced sexual fantasies involving deities or religious figures and objects, you might just be into hierophilia. An example of this can be seen in the movie The Exorcist.

Number Twenty-One: Psychrophilia. You have probably never heard of psychrophilia, and you probably won’t expect what it actually is. This fetish is characterized by the attraction to people freezing, or sexual attraction to frozen objects.

Number Twenty: Oculolinctus. If you like engaging in oculolinctus, well… there is really no other way to say it. You get a thrill out of getting your eyeball licked. It seems like there might be some hygiene issues there.

Number Nineteen: Avisodomy. Avisodomy is kind of similar to beastiality, only more specific. People with this fetish enjoy sexual actions with birds, and only birds.

Number Eighteen: Mechanophilia or Mechaphilia. People with this fetish, categorized by either mechanophilia or mechaphilia, like to get their sexual kicks from cars or heavy machinery. I bet the possibility of electrocution only adds to the fun.

Number Seventeen: Agalmatophilia. The fetishes we have mentioned so far are anything but normal, but this one is just plain creepy. People who engage in the action of agalmatophilia like to get it on with mannequins and statues.