Bisexuals: 10 Secrets They Won’t Tell You (Part 2)

Everyone loves a little gossipy fun, and we really have the dish on bisexuals! You were amazed at our first set of five facts about bisexuals in our part one article, and we have finally unveiled part two with the juiciest secrets of them all! Scroll down to read up on everything you should know about the secrets of bisexuals!

Number Five: We are All Bisexual. Freud once argued that bisexuality exists in every single one of us. Not in the sense that we all have sexual preferences for both genders, but rather that each human being is composed of a mixture of what we categorize as feminine and masculine qualities. His concept is all inclusive of the desires of homosexuality, gender-neutral friendship, cross-dressing, and behavioral traits.

Number Four: But None of Us Are. Those who identify themselves as bisexual have often been condemned to the stereotype that their sexuality isn’t considered to be “real”. This prejudice is cause by people who believe bisexuality to be a concept of denial, rather than a sexual preference. However, though these people may be misinformed and are entitled to their own opinions, both historical and modern facts show us that bisexuality has always existed and will continue to despite their predilections.

Number Three: The Dish on Lingo. In addition to what we have listed so far, we would also like to take advantage of this opportunity to fill you in on some bisexual vocabulary terms. For example, a “beersexual” is only attracted to the same gender while drunk. A “hasbien” has become a demeaning term for a lesbian who reverts back to dating men. Latin Bisexuality is said to mean that you’re only gay if you’re “a bottom”; the “top” is considered straight. Situational bisexuality, or “gay-for-pay” refers to a straight person who does same-sex acts for compensation.

Number Two: Full of Pride. Similar to the event of Gay Pride Day, this proud array of people have laid claim to a Bisexual Pride Day. This day falls on September 23rd, and was first celebrated in Berkeley, California. Since they have declared this, the day has been recognized as Bisexual Pride and Bi Visibility Day.

Number One: Taking Center Stage. Regardless of the modern struggles with bisexuality, a large number of celebrities has official come out to identify themselves as bi. These stars include: Kurt Cobain, Walt Whitman, Elton John, Madonna, David Bowie, Britney Spears, Janis Joplin, Billie Holiday, Georgia O’Keefe, Andy Dick, Emily Dickinson, and even Eleanor Roosevelt.