Sex: 88 Things You Didn’t Know (Part 5)

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You have been amazed to learn the first thirty-eight facts they won’t tell you about sex, and now we are back to reveal the next ten! Continue reading to learn all there is to know about this sinfully juicy and secretive act! You might just be surprised! Make sure to come back for part six, where we reveal the ten more facts they don’t tell you about sex! You never knew facts could be so sexy!

Number Fifty: Spitters are Quitters…Not. The sexual action of “swallowing” has become quite a turn-on for men. However, they may be disappointed to learn that only about 30% of women will do this with their partner.

Number Forty-Nine: A Man’s Nipples. Although they may not be the first to suggest engaging in nipple play (on their part), the bodies of many men simply beg for this playful act of foreplay. On average, about 60% of men’s nipples will harden when sexually aroused.

Number Forty-Eight: The Third Date. The morals of most women are proven to be quite impressive. However, a lot of women seem to give up their morals for their urges by just the third date with a man. Actually, about half of single women worldwide give in to sex by the third date.

Number Forty-Seven: The Big Slice. In American, circumcision has become a popular practice for men. It is estimated that about 80% of the male, American population is circumcised.

Number Forty-Six: Do it Yourself. More than any other classification of people, people who masturbate most are most often women over the age of 40 years. I think that they are taking this DIY craze a bit too far…

Number Forty-Five: A Man’s Life. Believe it or not, having sex can actually cause men to increase their life expectancy. Men who have sex more often are said to live longer than those who don’t partake as frequently.

Number Forty-Four: The Best Tranquilizer. The power of an orgasm can have impressive effects on the human body. In fact, sex is said to be about 10 times more effective of a tranquillizer than Valium. Powerful stuff, man.

Number Forty-Three: Goodbye, Head Pains. In addition to tranquilizing the body, sex is also exceptional for relieving the pain of headaches. It relieves tension and restricts the blood vessels leading to the brain. So, think up a new excuse, ladies.

Number Forty-Two: Bad Sex. The issue of being involved in a night of terrible sex is rather common, and might just be caused by a partner who lacks the same intellectual interests as you. About 44% of women find it difficult to be satisfied by a sexual partner who is less intelligent than they are. However, only 31% of men feel the same way.

Number Forty-One: All the Euphemisms. In the English language, there are approximately 1,000 known euphemisms for the reproduction body parts of women. If you’d like to hear them all, I would recommend watching American Dad. I think they are rather proud of their achievement in incorporating even more than that in their show.