Top 32 Craziest Fetishes of All Time (Part 3)

You have been creeped out, baffled, and even disgusted by the 16 craziest fetishes in our part one article, and now we are back to present part three with eight more! Did your favorite fetish appear on our list yet? We hope it doesn’t! Don’t forget to check back for our last article, part four, with the final top eight craziest fetishes of them all!

Number Sixteen: Zoosadism. This sick actions of zoosadism are essentially what you would expect them to be. These perverts get a sick, sexual thrill from inflicting pain or even death upon innocent animals.

Number Fifteen: Vorarephilia. If you have ever experienced sexual fantasies derived from a subliminal desire to be eaten or watch others be swallowed whole, you might just be a vorarephiliac. As weird as it may seem, it is a possible fetish.

Number Fourteen: Fomicophilia. Believe it or not, some people get a sexual pleasure out of being covered and crawled on by insects. Called formicophilia, this definitely has earned its place on our list.

Number Thirteen: Aptemnophilia or Apotemnophilia. If you partake in aptemnophilia, an amputee is likely to turn you on. If you like apotemnophilia, you get turned on by being an amputee, yourself.

Number Twelve: Ursusagalmatophilia (Plushophilia). Nicknamed plushophilia for ease of pronunciation, this fetish is characterized by a sexual admiration of stuffed animals. Think twice about getting your partner a bear on Valentine’s Day.

Number Eleven: Salirophilia. We feel that we should give you an extra warning about this one; it is definitely the most revolting on the list. If you are easily nauseated, we recommend you scroll past this one. Salirophilia is the fetish of being turned on by being desecrated on, or a partner desecrating on you.

Number Ten: Gerontophilia. This fetish has become increasingly popular, especially because it has offered plenty of young women a hefty paycheck. Gerontophilia is a fetish involving a sexual attraction to old people.

Number Nine: Autonepiophilia. Autonepiophilia is the fetish involving a thrill of doing sexual acts while pretending to be, or simply dressing up as, an infant. If you engage in this preference, just be wary that you are opening yourself up to a ton of jokes.