Kat DeLuna ft. Trey Songz: ‘Bum Bum’ Single Review


The beautiful Kat DeLuna is back and she is back to run the show. The last time we heard from her, she left us with wanting more. “Always On My Mind” featuring Costi was an amazing track. It was accompanied by a great video, and the masquerade costume theme was a classic touch to the song. Well, she is now here with a new single titled “Bum Bum” and it features the ladies’ favorite 30-year-old “Mr. Steal Your Girl,” Trey Songz. This one right here, is a song that is guaranteed to reign.

“Bum Bum” samples a 1982 classic reggae song titled “Bam Bam” by Sister Nancy, but this one is more urban and summer-sounding. I have never really been a fan of songs that sample classics because it makes me question the creativity in the industry of late, especially now that it is becoming sort of a habit that several artists are plunking for. Sampling classics is only tolerable when an artist completely executes a transcendent version of the classic. It needs to be done in such a way that it sounds like you are acknowledging a good classic and not stealing ideas.

This is exactly what Kat DeLuna does with “Bum Bum.” She sounds like she’s acknowledging a classic that still highly impacts on the music listeners of generations later. Her sample of the 1982 hit reggae song is almost perfect. The flawlessness is unobtrusive unless you are a critic that will put the song under a microscope to find the infinitesimal fault about it. However, the similarity is impossible to miss and this doesn’t go well for creativity credit, even though the artist acknowledges the original artist of the song. Creativity credit is part of what establishes and defines an artist’s style and legacy.

You ought to respect a woman that is brave enough to ask a man for what she wants. On “Bum Bum,” Kat DeLuna is not afraid to ask for how she wants him to handle her “bum bum.” In the song she sings, “If you want to love me / you got to do it right / cause every queen need a king / who wants her body all day all night / we could do it in the shower / we could do it on the floor / you could get it every hour / boy there’s so much more.” She is a woman that wants it how she wants it. “The bum bum wants what the bum bum wants.” You will have to do it right and maybe if you do, boy there will be so much more. Inviting, isn’t it?

Trey Songz starts off with his eyes on the prize as he sings, “Shawty came in and she caught me red-handed / staring at her butt, so I said wassup.” This is sung with a flow from a classic titled “It Wasn’t Me” by Shaggy. And the similarity is also vividly begging to be noticed. Trey Songz sure knows how to send a clear signal by telling DeLuna that he knows what to do with it, and if he gets it, he is not losing it. They sing the chorus together which has a back and forth performance where Kat DeLuna sings, “Bum Bum, from where this came from / if you love this bum bum yeah yeah / and it’s the only thing I want / what a bum bum,” and Trey Songz responds with, “how can I replace that?” She then replies, “bum bum,” and Trey answers, “I just want to see you shake that,” and so on.

This is a typical Trey Songz feature, and it is just amazing how good they sound together. He is one singer we must acknowledge for his ability to blend with just any female singer on a collaboration. Kat DeLuna is also back to bring the house down and run the show once again. This is a great song and it’s just waiting on summer. You might as well get it in advance – it’s not a bad idea. However, this trend of sampling classics has got to stop. Artists should dig deep and create music that will be classics generations from now. “Bum Bum” shows off the two artists’ incredible voices, the different sound of the song, and the memorable lyrics, but the thought of it belonging to someone else kills the whole excitement.