Top 32 Craziest Fetishes of All Time (Part 4)

You have been crept out, baffled, and even disgusted by our articles revealing the first 24 craziest fetishes in parts one, two, and three. Finally, we are here to present to final top eight craziest fetishes of them all! Did your favorite fetish appear on our list yet? This is its last chance, but we hope it doesn’t!

Number Eight: Mucophilia. People who engage in the fetish of mucophilia have a sexual desire that probably isn’t very surprising, considering the name: mucus. Mucus here, mucus there, these people just love the feel of this nasty, slimy substance!

Number Seven: Ederacinism. If you like the fetish of ederacinism, apparently you think it’s sexy when people rip off your reproductive organs by the roots. Ouch, right? So much for kids.

Number Six: Frotteurism. Next time you are in a crowded, public place, you might want to be wary of people who like frotteurism. They might try to get their kicks while rubbing against you, but they will only enjoy it if you don’t consent to it.

Number Five: Dendrophilia. For the nature lovers out there, try to stay sane and don’t let your love for trees get out of hand. If you decide one day that trees seem kind of sexy to you, you have just become a dendrophiliac.

Number Four: Symorophilia. Upon the event of a tragic car accident, apparently it is possible to become aroused. Symorophiliacs get their kicks from watching or even partaking in this event.

Number Three: Liquidophelia. If you can’t figure it out from the name, the fetish of liquidophelia involves getting aroused from putting sexual organs in bodies of water. You’ll never look at a hot tub the same way again, folks.

Number Two: Sacofricosis. This particular fetish may induce a fear of people with their hands in their pockets in public places. If you are a fan of Sacofricosis, it means that you really enjoy cutting holes in your pockets so you can pleasure yourself in public place.

Number One: Forniphilia. The desire of bondage isn’t quite an uncommon fetish, but this one certainly is. Forniphilia is similar to bondage, except the people enjoy being bound by furniture. For example: couches, chairs, tables, and even televisions.