Grey’s Anatomy: 42 Things You Didn’t Know (Part 4)

We already brought you parts one through three of our list of 42 things you didn’t know about Grey’s Anatomy, and now we’re back with our final part four! Check out 10 more facts about the hit television show that you probably didn’t know below. You might be surprised by what you learn!

Number Ten: Callie Was on Broadway. Sara Ramirez, who plays Dr. Callie Torres, was in Spamalot on Broadway before she was cast in the show.

Number Nine: Cristina Was the First Character to Call Dr. Shepherd McDreamy. Nope, it wasn’t Meredith! The nickname stuck on-screen and off-screen as soon as Cristina called Dr. Shepherd McDreamy.

Number Eight: Kevin McKidd Is Scottish. McKidd plays the role of Dr. Owen Hunt, and he is actually Scottish in real life.

Number Seven: April Kepner Got Pregnant a Few Months After Her Character. Kepner plays the role of Sarah Drew, and after Drew’s pregnancy was announced in Season 10, Kepner announced that she was pregnant just a few months later.

Number Six: The Episodes Are Named After Songs. For example, an episode in season one is named “The First Cut is the Deepest” after the Sheryl Crow Song.

Number Five: It Took Three Takes for Sandra Oh to Properly Throw Cereal on McKidd. When the character of Cristina finds out Owen is cheating on her, she throws cereal in his face. However, it took Oh, who plays Cristina, three takes before she got it right, so McKidd was covered in cereal by the end of the scene.

Number Four: The OR Board Names Are Grey’s Anatomy Crew Members. Every name you see on the OR board in the show is the name of a crew member!

Number Three: Only Two Characters Have Appeared in Every Episode. Can you guess who they are? Ellen Pompeo and Patrick Dempsey are the only two people who have appeared in every episode.

Number Two: T.R. Knight Is Incredibly Non-Confrontational. You might remember that the character of George, played by T.R. Knight, was written off of the show. Though Knight knew he wasn’t getting enough screen time, he didn’t take it up with the producers. Instead, he asked them to write him off and blamed his leaving on a communication issue.

Number One: Meredith’s Mother Is a Big Deal. Both on and off the show, Kate Burton, who plays Meredith’s mom, is a big deal. Burton’s father is none other than the late actor Richard Burton, and her step-mother was Elizabeth Taylor.