Sex: 88 Things You Didn’t Know (Part 7)

You have been amazed to learn the first fifty-eight facts they won’t tell you about sex, and now we are back to reveal the next ten! Continue reading to learn all there is to know about this sinfully juicy and secretive act! You might just be surprised! Make sure to come back for part eight, where we reveal the ten more facts they don’t tell you about sex! You never knew facts could be so sexy!

Number Thirty: The Gift of Ovulation. If it has become increasingly difficult for you boys to satisfy your women, timing may be the best solution. Women are found to be most susceptible to an orgasm during their ovulation cycle.

Number Twenty-Nine: The Contractions. Remarkably, the size of a woman’s vagina will shrink in size by 30% while experiencing an orgasm. The natural reaction is meant to make it easier for the sperm to be transported to a female egg.

Number Twenty-Eight: Birth-Gasm? Apparently, it may be possible for a woman to experience an orgasm at the time of giving birth. It has been known to happen quite a bit, so that may be something to look forward to in order to ease the pain.

Number Twenty-Seven: Nine Days. A pregnancy scare can be quite frightening, and a simple test may not provide an accurate answer. Especially because sperm can survive in the female vagina for up to nine days.

Number Twenty-Six: A Necessary Evil. Some women may experience an orgasm simply from the act of penetration, but most women lack this ability. About 70% of women cannot achieve an orgasm without stimulation to the clitoris. Put your women first, gentlemen.

Number Twenty-Five: It is Not That Common. Despite the rumors of this condition affecting the majority of men, only 30% of males experience the struggle of premature ejaculation. 10% of men suffer from erectile dysfunction. In the words of Monica from Friends, “It’s not that common, and it is a big deal!”. Although, the issue has simple resolutions.

Number Twenty-Four: No More Depression. Oddly enough, the intense euphoria experienced by an orgasm has the potential to fight symptoms of depression. Can you imagine your doctor recommending masturbation for your mental disorder? Talk about awkward.

Number Twenty-Three: Testosterone Levels. A man has a simple way to judge the levels of testosterone flowing through his body. The bigger a man’s ring finger is compared to his index finger, the more testosterone he has.

Number Twenty-Two: In Preparation. Despite the average size of an erect penis measuring in at about six inches, the vagina of the average aroused woman measures only four inches. Although, as a woman, I don’t particularly see this as a problem.

Number Twenty-One: It Takes Time. It is often is said that a woman takes an infamously longer time than men to achieve a state of orgasm. That is, when a man is doing it. It takes an average of 10-20 minutes for a woman to orgasm with the help of a man, but it can be achieved in as little as four minutes when she does it herself.