American Horror Story: 40 Things You Didn’t Know (Part 4)

We have presented to you the first three sets of thirty unknown secrets about American Horror Story, and now we are back to bring you the top ten! Keep reading to discover all there is to know about your favorite thrilling television series! These secrets are absolutely horrific!

Number Ten: Meep, the Creep. If you have been keeping up with all of the parts of this article, you will remember Ben Woolf to play the character of Meep in Freak Show, as we previously mentioned. In addition to being a carnie who teaches preschool on his off days, Woolf also appeared as the gruesome Thaddeus Montgomery in Murder House. Talk about giving his kids a nightmare.

Number Nine: The Real “Freaks”. In the season of Freak Show, astonishing almost all of the “freaks” are based on real-life performers. Lobster Boy was based on Fred Wilson, The Bearded Lady on Annie Jones, The Pinhead on Schlitzie, and The Killer Clown on John Wayne Gacy.

Number Eight: And Ma Petite is Special. This young actress, Jyoti Amge, is only 20 years old. Not to mention, she is entirely a real person, and deemed the world’s smallest living woman. In India, her homeland, she is even considered to be a deity.

Number Seven: So is Suzi. Rose Siggins, actress who portrayed Suzi, is also a real person with a real medical condition. Even more amazing, she gave birth to two children. The doctors didn’t even think it was possible.

Number Six: Two-Headed Paulson. As you can imagine, it isn’t easy for Sarah Paulson to produce an identical, second head. Filming of scenes with characters Bette and Dot require a corset, puppet head, a green rod, visual effects, and about 15 hours of filming.

 Number Five: Amazon Eve. The part of Amazon Eve in Freak Show was played by transgender actress Erika Ervin. Upon auditioning for the role, she taped down her lady mountains and prepared her hair to come off as a man. She nailed the part, and they even let her be herself. She’s also a stunning model.

Number Four: Baltimore Bates. Even for actors, consistent accents are quite a feat to pull off. To stay in character, actress Kathy Bates (Ethyl) continued to use the Baltimore accent even off the set so she wouldn’t lose it.

Number Three: Trouble with Twisty. Twisty, the murderous clown in Freak Show, has gained a lot of hate from the professional clown scene. They are angry with character, as they believe he only adds to the fear of clowns. Isn’t that the point?

Number Two: Sound Familiar? American Horror Story enjoys paying homage to real-life events and films. You may have had a creepy, reminiscent flashback while watching the show, because they often use musical scores from horror classics such as Carrie, Psycho, and What Lies Beneath.

Number One: It’s All Connected. Apparently, Ryan Murphy has revealed that all seasons of American Horror Story are connected in some fashion. The connection was first hinted in Freak Show, in which Sister Mary Eunice and Pepper both appeared at Briarcliff Manor. We can’t wait to see how it all comes together!