Sex: 88 Things You Didn’t Know (Part 9)

You have been amazed to learn the first seventy-eight facts they won’t tell you about sex, and now we are back to debut the ultimate top ten! Continue reading to learn all there is to know about this sinfully juicy and secretive act! You might just be surprised!

Number Ten: Smoking Seduction. Most often, the action of smoking is considered by men to be either the most sexy, or the least sexy thing that a woman could do. However, it seems that it is more common for this habit to appeal to men than disgust them. According to studies, 60% of non-smoking women will go a year without a sexual partner while 70% of smoking women will indulge in sexual acts with at least four partners.

Number Nine: Women with Migraines. Just as a weird fact, a woman’s migraine patterns have often shown correlation to their level of sex drive. The more migraines a woman experiences, the more libido they seem to have.

Number Eight: To Get You in Bed. Everyone tells a little white lie every now again to get what they want, but in terms of getting people in bed, it is much more common for men to lie. An estimated 34% of men have done this, while only 10% of women have. But hey, it isn’t exactly difficult for a woman to get a man to sleep with her.

Number Seven: Cheating Wives. The actions of an unfaithful wife are never quite simple to deal with. However, if your wife is cheating, there is a 50% chance that her lover is a cheating, married husband.

Number Six: Nipple Play. It isn’t very common, but there have been instances of women attaining an orgasm solely from stimulation of the breasts. Unfortunately, this will only occur for about 1% of all women.

Number Five: Sex Gossip. If you are a man who doesn’t like his sexual endeavors being featured in female gossip, you should choose your partners wisely or simply avoid sex altogether. An amazing 22% of women will gossip with their friends less than a week after a sexual experience, but it all eventually comes out.

Number Four: The Real Fantasies. Possibly one of the scariest aspects of giving yourself to another is never knowing exactly what they are thinking. While it could be innocent, an astonishing 70% of all adults admit to fantasizing about people other than their partner during sexual activity.

Number Three: The Runner’s High. Running can be quite a stimulating exercise for the body, but is often rather dull for the brain. The mind of a runner wanders aimlessly while their body pushes on, and about two-thirds of runners have revealed that their thoughts are often about sex.

Number Two: All the Lies. Secrets between partners are the key to the downfall of a relationship, but that doesn’t stop most people from keeping them. Approximately 60% of women and 68% of men have not told their current partners about one or more of their past sexual experiences.

Number One: You Don’t Even Know. It really is amazing that two people can spend immense amounts of time devoted to sexual activities with one another, and still not know what really turns on their significant other. Actually, the majority of couples have not discussed this, and remain oblivious to what their lover really desires.