Top 10 Sex Toys for Maximum Female Pleasure (Part 1)

Female sex toys are being much more widely accepted, and seriously popular. From the demand of do-it-yourself pleasure rising for modern women, technology has broken barriers and created a much more extensive variety of choices for the ladies. To view everything that the market has to offer in the line of female sex toys, just scroll down our list. Don’t forget to check back for our part two article with the ultimate five sex toys for the most female pleasure!

Number Ten: The Big Bullet. As our first toy on the list, we have the Ceramix No.12 Ribbed Large Bullet Vibrator. Made with a modern black and white design, the vibrator features of to six speeds of good times. The motor is virtually silent and starts with a simple click of a button. It is waterproof and exceptionally easy to clean.

Number Nine: Almost Oral. The Ora 2 by Lelo is really as close as it gets to the real thing, ladies. It exhibits a sleek and almost disguised style and specializes in simulating licks and even tongue swirls in ten different patterns. It is mostly silicone and is all waterproof. Even if you like those licks real rough, this little device has you covered.

Number Eight: It Takes One to Tango. With the Tango by We-Vibe, it now takes only one to tango. This vibrator is very discreet and portable, and its thermoplastic coating is fully waterproof. It can run for 2 hours at a time and even alerts you when it is low on charge. To recharge, all you need is a USB socket.

Number Seven: The Importance of Kegels. Like Jennifer Lawrence, this toy recognizes the importance of kegels. The Ami by Je Joue is categorized as a “kegel system”, and includes a three-step process to strengthening the inner walls of your vagina, as well as your orgasms! By moving on through the system of “weights” it provides, it promises an absolutely sensational time.

Number Six: Oh My Bod… This particular vibrator is quite unique. The OhMiBod 3.OH Music Vibrator incorporates yet another sense into your self-pleasure. There are many modes to choose from, leaving you able to find a rhythm you can really get into. It has a length of about five and a half inches, and circumference of roughly one and one-eighth inches. In addition to the music it provides, you can also link it to your phone, computer, or virtually any device you use for your favorite music. Don’t forget to check back for our part two article with the ultimate five sex toys for the most female pleasure!