Sasha Grey: 15 Things You Didn’t Know (Part 1)

Sasha Grey has performed a rare feat: she’s a pornographic actress who has become a relatively well-known name in American pop culture. But she’s no longer in pornography, and instead spends her time focusing on one of her many other creative pursuits. Here are 15 facts about the infamous and irreverent cultural figure.

Number Fifteen: She’s a Musician. Sasha is a singer and a guitarist performs in an industrial/noise band named aTelecine, which first put out their music without mentioning her involvement with their music. Much more attention was gained after they announced Sasha Grey was the singer.

Number Fourteen: She Came From a Catholic Family. While her dad encouraged her in whatever professional endeavors she wanted to pursue, her mom didn’t agree. As a Catholic, Sasha’s mother initially disapproved of her behavior. Sasha claims that some of the guilt and shame she initially experienced around sexuality come from the Catholicism she grew up with.

Number Thirteen: She’s a DJ. On top of being in a bad, Sasha is also involved in music as a DJ. She mostly spins dark, electronic records.

Number Twelve: She is a Photographer. Some of her photography is published in a collection entitled Neu Sex. Much of the photography includes herself as a model.

Number Eleven: She’s Proving Herself as a Serious Actress. She has been in a number of films and television shows in the past years, ranging from dramas to comedies to horror flicks.

Number Ten: She Starred in Entourage. In the seventh season of HBO’s Entourage, Sasha played a version of herself. She dated the star character of the show, played by Adrian Grenier.

Number Nine: She is Retired from Pornography. It is fairly well-known that Sasha is no longer in the porn business. But less well-known is that she has talked about having to re-learn how to have sex without cameras being present.

Number Eight: She’s Worked With Some Serious Directors. The most notable director she’s worked with was Steven Soderbergh. She starred in his The Girlfriend Experience, which was critically well-received. Check back for part two of this list, coming soon!