Top 10 Sex Toys for Maximum Female Pleasure (Part 2)

Our part one article with the first five sex toys on our list left you absolutely tingling with anticipation, and now we are back to reveal part two! These final, top-ranked five female sex toys are simply sensational; which is why they made our list! We have chosen all finest in the market for female sex toys, and it is time for you to decide which one is your favorite.

Number Five: No Restraint. The next toy on our list is the Special Restraint Tape by Kiki De Montparnasse. As one of the cheaper options on our list, it is also the only one that pretty much requires a partner. Sex tape is great for a night of kinky bondage fantasies, and will leave you feeling more dirty and dangerous than ever before! Also, this tape is made specially to prevent irritation of skin or even the pulling of hair. Ingenious!

Number Four: Ultimate Contact. The SORAYA by Lelo is quite a handy little self-pleasuring device. This flexible vibrator is made to conform to a size to satisfy the desires of any hole and bears a chic design. Made of silicone, this waterproof vibrator has the ability to perform in eight speeds and patterns. It is rechargeable, having about 3-4 hours of pleasure in every charge.

Number Three: For the Hipsters. Upon first glance, the Suki Terra by Liberator seems more like a work of glass art. In fact, that’s just what it is! Unique in this nature, the Suki Dildo has a glass exterior and insertable length of up to seven and a half inches. Its shape is even specially crafted to achieve a far reach to that special spot.

Number Two: Straight Vibin’. If you really want to vibe, the We Vibe 4 Plus is definitely worth a try. This unique silicone toy can be used alone, but is designed to provide a good time for you and your partner simultaneously. At three inches long, this vibrator is battery-powered and offers nine modes for custom pleasure. It produces virtually no sound, and is small and discrete.

Top 11 Sex Toys for Men (Part 1)

Number One: The Ultimate Machinery. If you would really like to invest in the latest in self-pleasuring technology, we highly recommend the Sybian Machine. This complex piece of machinery has been ventured to be deemed even more pleasurable than a man and is the most realistic on the market. The toy features a seat, complete with various attachments to customize your experience. Its vibration magic is powered by a motor engine. While this machine may be most likely to give you optimal pleasure, it is priced at an unbelievable $1,345.