Aggressive Animals: 16 Creatures You Should Avoid (Part 1)

Big attitudes come in a diverse array of packages, and that is especially true of our list of the 16 most aggressive animals that are unleashing their inner beast! These creatures are the feistiest of all the species, and they aren’t all what you would expect to see on this list, to say the least. To discover which creature are the most aggressive animals in the kingdom, just keep scrolling! Come back soon to see our part two article, where we reveal the eight most aggressive animals on our list!

Number Sixteen: The Honey Badger. That’s right- because the honey badger just doesn’t care. Hey, you were thinking it, we just said it. Despite the mammal’s petite size, the honey badger can be quite the feisty little beast. In the wild, they have even been known to challenge lions over their food. The arrogance and aggression of the honey badger are sometimes its greatest weaknesses, getting the animal into situations where it is in well over its head. However, they can survive otherwise poisonous snake bites, so maybe that’s where their ego stems from.

Number Fifteen: The Hippo. You would tend to get pretty mean, too, if you were one of the heaviest creatures on Earth. Despite their chunky stature, these beasts can run up to 30 miles per hour, and are impressive swimmers. They are extremely territorial, especially when it comes to protecting their chubby little baby hippos. They are even known to kill an average of about 10 people per year.

Number Fourteen: The Bull Shark. After seeing Jaws, it really shouldn’t be that surprising to see a shark on our list. Above any other type of shark, or any other fish for that matter, bull sharks have the worst temper. To match, they have the most powerful bite. They are primarily found in shallow waters and are known to attack basically anything that moves. They don’t usually feed on humans, though they do like to try new foods, just for the heck of it.

Number Thirteen: The Saltwater Crocodile. Check out the creepy grin on this guy; it’s like he is just warning you to take a few steps back. These crocs are one of the most menacing creatures you could ever meet and are the species of reptile most likely to attack people. They are effective hunters, lurking in shallow, dark waters to catch their prey off guard.

Number Twelve: The Black Mamba. Snakes are often harmless (if you know how to pick ‘em), but the black mamba should definitely not be tussled with. These creatures are the most notorious in the world of snakes, bearing the fastest speeds and most potent venom. Although most snake bites can be hospitalized and cured, the bite of the black mamba assures certain death. They can grow up to 14 feet in length, and prey mostly on small mammals. However, they will attack any creature they feel to be a threat.

Number Eleven: The Cassowary. This unique-looking bird doesn’t seem like he could do much, but you would be surprised at what an angry cassowary can do. The bird’s large claws and intimidating beak certainly give it an attitude, and it does not hesitate to attack. It probably doesn’t always work to their advantage, because the cassowary is a highly endangered avian species.

Number Ten: The Killer Bee. If the title doesn’t explain it all, these bees are often known for their ill-tempered manners. Usually, the insect will try to keep to itself, but once they are bothered, they will chase down their target until it has paid for what it has done. Also, unlike normal bees, they have got a lot more than one sting in them. Weirdly enough, this species is not naturally-occurring; they were created as an accidental lab experiment in trying to breed a type of bee to produce more honey.

Number Nine: The Wolverine. No, the wolverine has absolutely nothing to do with wolves. In fact, they are a lot more similar to ferrets. They can grow up to an astounding weight of 35 pounds and know absolutely no fear. These fierce little rodents have been known to challenge creatures more than five times their size, and they can usually with the fight! Come back soon to see our part two article, where we reveal the eight most aggressive animals on our list!