Alcohol: 7 Surprising Health Benefits You Won’t Believe

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We have all heard the horror stories about the effects that alcohol can have on our brains, livers, and figure, but would you believe that a moderate dose of this potent concoction actually has some health benefits? It does! Our prayers have been answered because now we can finally tell you that alcohol can be kind of good for you. To find out why you should slip a few more margaritas into your, just keep on reading.

Number Seven: It Lowers Risk of Cardiovascular Disease. Harvard University’s School of Public Health has conducted studies that conclude that a moderate consumption of alcohol can have beneficial effects in raising helpful cholesterol, as well as fighting the onset of heart disease. In addition to this, it has also been found that the substance can aid in a body’s acceptance of insulin, fighting the formation of harmful blood clots. Basically, it thins the blood and protects against stroke.

Number Six: It Lengthens Your Life. The horror stories of alcoholics gone bad haunt the ears and subconscious of drinkers everywhere. However, the substance, in moderate consumption, has been proven to actually add a few years to a person’s life. The “right” way to drink is in small amounts, most often while consuming food. A couple drinks for the ladies, or up to four drinks for men, may have the ability to reduce the chance of death by as much as 18%.

Number Five: It Boosts Libido. Although this has been argued for quite some time, researchers have finally agreed on the positive effects of alcohol on sex drive. For a long time, the effects of alcohol were thought to work in exactly the opposite way; however, recent findings have concluded that the potent beverage may actually have a correlation to the decrease in erectile dysfunction. In fact, moderate drinking reduces the risk of contracting this disorder by as much as 25-30%.

Number Four: It Fights a Tough Cold. If you have been plagued with the common cold this season, you might just need this excuse to feed it a little whiskey. In smoking and nonsmoking adults, the Department of Psychology located at Carnegie Mellon University studied the effects of moderate alcohol consumption and the common cold. Nonsmokers proved to be less vulnerable to the sickness after regular doses of the beverage. Although, sadly smokers were continuously prone to its onset. The research concluded that the perfect amount was 8-14 glasses of preferably red wine, weekly, for the most effective health benefits.

Number Three: It Decreases Risk of Dementia. Since 1977, over 365,000 volunteers have participated in this study, published in Neuropsychiatric Disease and Treatment. According to the findings of the work, alcohol drinkers were up to 23% less prone to the development of cognitive dysfunction, Alzheimer’s, and other various forms of dementia than those who do not drink. In retrospect, they have theorized that moderate exposure to the depressant can cause brain cells to “work out” more, keeping them in better shape, so to speak, for function.

Number Two: It Helps Fight Gallstone Formation. You read it right- consuming about two servings of alcohol on a daily schedule can reduce this formation by a whopping one-third. According to studies of the University of East Anglia, moderate consumption will reduce these risks, but excessive consumption will take other tolls on the body.

Number One: It Lowers Risk for Diabetes. At a moderate consumption level, say one or two doses of alcohol daily, benefits of this substance can prove to be helpful to the body in multiple ways that we have presented. To finish off this list of benefits, alcohol also has the ability to reduce the risk of the onset of type 2 diabetes. Consumers of the substance have showed reduced contraction of the disease in comparison of those who refrain from it. We hope you enjoyed our list of the seven benefits of alcohol!