Alex Rodriguez: 15 Things You Didn’t Know (Part 2)

The Alex Rodriguez list continues here. Baseball fans will surely know a lot about the famous (and infamous) slugger, but even they might be surprised by some of this information.

Number Eight: He Once Had the Largest Contract in the History of Professional Sports. When he signed a ten-year contract with the Texas Rangers in 2000, Alex Rodriguez was paid $252 million dollars. That was high enough to make him the most expensive athlete in the history of sports.

Number Seven: He Denied Using Steroids – Only to Later Admit It. In 2007, Rodriguez denied having ever taking performance-enhancing drugs on 60 Minutes. But just two years later, he admitted to taking them while he was playing for the Texas Rangers.

Number Six: He Won a Championship With the New York Yankees. Though he had been a superstar athlete for over a decade, in 2009 he won a championship late in his career with the Yankees. Many people forget that he was present for this championship, as he was not on the team when they were dominant years before.

Number Five: He is the Youngest Player to Hit 600 Home Runs. He accomplished this feat in 2010. To this day, only 8 players have hit this many home runs in the history of Major League Baseball.

Number Four: His Ex-Wife’s Family Initially Disapproved of Him Because He Wasn’t Greek. The family of Cynthia Curtis – Alex’s ex – grew up in a strict Greek Orthodox family who didn’t like the fact that she was dating someone who wasn’t also Greek. You’d think they would make an exception for the star of the Mariners (at the time they met).

Number Three: His Contract With the Yankees Was Even Higher Than His Rangers Contract. It was worth $275 million over ten years.

Number Two: He Owns One of Meryl Streep’s Old Hollywood Homes. This makes it seem like Alex is buying hand-me-downs, but don’t worry about him. He’s got homes in Miami and New York as well.

Number One: He’s a Charitable Athlete. Many athletes are known for donating their money to good causes, but not many can claim to have donated quite as much as Alex Rodriguez has. In one case, Alex donated $3.9 million to the University of Miami so that their baseball stadium could be renovated – and he didn’t even attend the school.