Bear Facts: 15 Amazing Things You Didn’t Know (Part 1)

The bear is one of the most feared and admired animals in the world. Ferocious and beautiful, these beasts truly carry their own weight in the wild. Today, we will share with you half of 15 amazing facts about bears that will change your view of these splendid creatures.

Number Fifteen: They Have Plantigrade Paws. Anatomically speaking, these animals have something known as plantigrade paws. What this means is that when bears walk, all of their foot touches the ground, quite in a similar manner as do humans.

Number Fourteen: Polar Bears are the Best Swimmers. Of all the different types of these creatures which currently exist on our planet, the polar bear is the best swimmer. Unfortunately, this ability is absolutely being tested in this day and age due to global warming.

Number Thirteen: The Dawn’s the Oldest. Although certain types of bears – black, brown, and polar – are the most popular, they are not the oldest. The oldest type is known as the Dawn bear, which is believed to be about 10 million years old. Of course, this type of animal is no longer in existence. However, scientists believe this creature is the ancestor for all of the bears which are alive today.

Number Twelve: Some Don’t Hibernate. A quantity of these animals hibernate in the winter: this much is true. And, yet, there a good number of bears which also do not hibernate. Instead, they sleep for long periods of time, but never long enough to be considered “true hibernation”.

Number Eleven: Walruses are Their Cousins. Strangely enough, the closest living creatures to bears are known as pinnipeds. Pinnipeds include walruses, seals sea lions, and fur seals. It is a sort of crazy thing to think about, however, upon remembering some of the evolution books I read as a child, it is something I could definitely picture and understand.

Number Ten: Brown is the Largest. These beasts are large in general, but, naturally, some are bigger than others. Brown bears are the largest of the group, weighing as much as 2200 pounds!

Number Nine: Koalas Don’t Belong. Koalas are frequently included in the group, but they are not those at all. In fact, the koala is a marsupial and is a tree-dwelling creature which carries its joeys in pouches. Like this article? Stay tuned for part two, coming soon!