Crocodile Facts: 15 Things You Didn’t Know (Part 1)

The crocodile is a fierce creature that many people fear due to its jaw strength, speed, and unpredictability. Due to this, many people try to stay away from the beasts. Yearning to know more about these large, lethal reptiles? Continue reading to learn extraordinary facts that you should know about these predators.

Number Fifteen: They Don’t Chew. All predators do most of their digesting inside their bodies, which is different from herbivores, which chew their food as part of the process. Instead, they use their teeth to crush and grasp at their prey.

Number Fourteen: They Cool Down by Opening Up. Many times, people turn to run at the sight of a crocodile that is sitting on the edge of a body of water, especially if their huge jaws are open. This is because people may feel as if they are about to attack. In reality, these predators are simply cooling off their bodies.

Number Thirteen: Their Tails Give them Speed. With the help of their tails, crocodiles have the ability to swim at 25 mph. Their strong tail muscles boost them in the water, making them even more threatening.

Number Twelve: They’re Baby Eaters. While people could easily imagine these harsh reptiles eating human babies, that isn’t exactly what we mean. Wildly enough, 99 percent of all baby crocodiles are eaten in their first year of life. That being said, they’re not the only ones to blame. Large fish, lizards, and heron also seem to think that they are quite tasty.

Number Eleven: They Live Long. The crocodile has the physiology to live a long time, and they do, unless killed before dying at an old age. They even live as long as humans do: about 80 years.

Number Ten: They’ve Been Around a While. This predator has been on Earth for a long period of time. For the last 240 million years, the crocodile has roamed the planet, terrifying all in its way (when it’s hungry).

Number Nine: They’re Aggressive Lovers. Well, perhaps calling them lovers is a bit much. However, let us just say that during mating season, the aggression of the crocodile becomes ferocious. All of a sudden, I’m really glad I’m not a crocodile. Like this article? Stay tuned for part two, coming soon!