Diplo: 15 Things You Didn’t Know (Part 1)


Diplo is one of the biggest names in the game right now when it comes to music production. Part of his success is due to his versatility: he is able to blend genres like dubstep, hip hop, house and all sorts of electronic music. He is clearly a scholar of electronic music, but he also makes crowd-pleasing music. Here is some information behind the man that you might not know.

Number Fifteen: He Knew He Wanted to Make Music From the Start. He attended Temple University in Philadelphia to study music as an undergrad. He also studied film while he was enrolled there.

Number Fourteen: He Put His Film Training to Use. While we know that studying music and film certainly paid off in terms of his musical career, some may not know that he has been active as a filmmaker since college as well. In fact, he blended his love for the two art forms by creating Favela on Blast, a documentary about the music culture of Brazilian slums. He has stated that he would like to take more time off in the future at some point to focus on his film-making.

Number Thirteen: He Has His Own Charity. It’s obviously not uncommon for celebrities of Diplo’s stature to be charitable. But to be as new to the music industry as he is and to have a charity is pretty impressive. His charity is called Heaps Decent, and it exists to help children in need both in Australia and in other nations worldwide.

Number Twelve: Number Eleven: His Main Influence is Hip-Hop. As we already mentioned, Diplo is a versatile producer who can seamlessly blend different genres of music. But it’s not surprising that hip-hop is his the most important music to him in terms of inspiration. DJ Shadow and Pete Rock are among his favorite producers in history.

Number Ten: He’s Extremely Active When it Comes to Touring. Diplo himself has attested that in recent years he has been booked for over 300 shows in a given year. That’s some work ethic. But that’s all the Diplo info we have for you – for now. Check back soon for the second half of this list!