Dolphin Facts: 15 Things You Didn’t Know (Part 1)

The dolphin is one of the most graceful animals. This is clear just to the naked eye. They are peaceful and are well-known as intelligent sea mammals. But there’s plenty you might not know about these creatures. Here’s the first half of our list of dolphin facts.

Number Fifteen: There Are Many Varieties of Dolphins in the World. While there is probably a very specific image of what a dolphin looks like in your mind, in actuality there are many different kinds of dolphin in the world. In fact, there are almost 40 different species of dolphin throughout the world.

Number Fourteen: They Like Warm Temperatures. Dolphins prefer to swim in warm water, and this means shallow water. This is why they are commonly seen near shores instead of great depths out at sea.

Number Thirteen: Not All Dolphins Live in the Ocean. Though most dolphins can be found swimming off the shores in tropical or temperate sea water, not all species of dolphin well in the ocean. In fact, there are five species of the aquatic mammal that live in rivers.

Number Twelve: Despite Their Peaceful Reputation, They Are Carnivores. They may pose no threat of harm to human beings, but they are actually predators of the water. They hunt fish, squid and crustaceans, which together make up the bulk of their diet.

Number Eleven: They Eat a Lot of Fish. More than you might guess, from looking at them. Though they might not appear to be gluttonous animals, an average 260-pound dolphin will actually consume over 30 pounds of fish a day.

Number Ten: They are Some of the Smartest Animals on the Planet. They are as smart as some apes (which are generally regarded as the most intelligent land mammals). And their brains have a fascinating similarity to human brains, at least in the way that they have evolved over centuries.

Number Nine: They Are Whale Relatives. They belong to the same animal family that includes whales. A little-known fact is that killer whales are actually a type of dolphin. That’s all for this first half, but check back for the second half of dolphin facts soon!