Iggy Pop: 15 Things You Didn’t Know (Part 1)


Iggy Pop is an enigmatic figure in the history of rock and roll. On the one hand, much his music is very well-known and can be found in movies and television being made to this day. On the other hand, he has a strange, abrasive and somehow appealing persona that has added to his fame. Find out more about the singer and musician below in part one of this list.

Number Fifteen: He Was a Close Friend of David Bowie. They were close for decades until David Bowie’s recent passing. Much of David Bowie’s sound can be heard as influencing Iggy Pop’s music, especially on The Idiot.

Number Fourteen: He Was Born in a Small Town in Michigan. His father was a high school teacher and a baseball coach. Pretty normal beginnings for one of the future true weirdos of rock and roll.

Number Thirteen: His First Band Was Called the Iguanas. He recorded a few records with the group. He also later adopted his moniker of “Iggy” because of his involvement with the band.

Number Twelve: He Has Been Known for Wild Stage Behavior. This was especially true in the 1970’s when he was addicted to drugs. He would sometimes cover himself in peanut butter; for other shows, he would roll around in broken glass onstage.

Number Eleven: He Has Stated That the Internet Has Decreased Shock Value. This isn’t exactly a shocking revelation, and it’s probably something most of us can agree with. Still, it means a little more coming from one of the originators of shock himself.

Number Ten: He Could Have Been the Singer of The Doors. Before Jim Morrison’s death, there were myriad comparisons between the two singers. Both had constructed unorthodox sounding music, and both were dynamic stage presences. After the death of Morrison, Iggy Pop was even invited to replace the late singer in The Doors. But he opted not to take the gig.

Number Nine: He Claims to Not Know How to Send an Email. This should be surprising, but somehow it makes sense. And that’s all for part one of this list, but part two will be out for you soon.