Sasha Grey: 15 Things You Didn’t Know (Part 2)

Welcome to part two of the list of things you might not have known about Sasha Grey. The former porn star already has a long list of professional and creative achievements under her belt, and this list proves it.

Number Seven: She Was the Oldest of Her Friends to Lose Her Virginity. Sasha has stated that she was 16 when she had sex for the first time, a senior year in high school and older than any of her friends at the time. Unexpected for someone who would become so known for just that.

Number Six: She Has Very Eclectic Musical Taste. Maybe this should be expected, since she is a musician as well as a DJ. Sasha has stated that her musical taste varies greatly and that she is a fan of NWA, Joy Division, Parliament Funkadelic and – appropriately – the sexual-sounding industrial pioneers, Throbbing Gristle.

Number Five: She Has Written Erotic Literature. She started to write The Juliette Society – her first erotic novel – when she was still a pornographic actress, but has continued until after retiring. She says she has started writing because of the encouragement of her female fans who wanted to see what kind of erotica she would create.

Number Four: She Has Never Been a Victim of Sexual Abuse. It is a stereotype that pornographic actresses are always the victims of some kind of sexual violence in their past. Many have claimed that it is more than a stereotype, that it is generally the case. But Sasha Grey claims that this is not the case with her, and therefore cannot be called the reason why she entered the business.

Number Three: She Went to Several Different High Schools. Sasha has stated that she attended four different high school before she was able to graduate. She was a restless student from a fairly young age.

Number Two: She is One of the Wealthiest (Former) Porn Actresses. Sasha ranks in the top 10 of all current and former pornographic actresses in terms of wealth. She has a current net worth of $3,000,000.

Number One: She’s a College Dropout. Apparently, being unfocused in her studies continued into higher education for Sasha. She dropped out of Sacramento City College when she realized she wanted to start doing pornography.