Aggressive Animals: 16 Creatures You Should Avoid (Part 2)

Our part one article of the first eight most aggressive animals that are unleashing their inner beast sure caught you by surprise, and now we have come back to present part two! These top eight animals have the biggest attitudes, and you wouldn’t want to get into a spat with any of them! You have been waiting for this big reveal, so just keep reading to find out which eight animals in the entire animal kingdom are the most aggressive!

Number Eight: The Wild Boar. Because it made our list, we probably don’t have to tell you that the wild boar is one of the most aggressive animals out there. It has a terrible anger issue, even amongst other boars. It kind of has to be a ferocious little beast, as they are the “easy” prey of many hunting animals. However, they are plentiful in numbers and are often hunted for their heads.

Number Seven: The Malayan Sun Bear. He looks pretty cute and harmless at first glance, but this bear might just rip you apart if you give him the chance. This mighty beast is known as the most ferocious of all bears, despite their miniature size (an average of four to five feet). They may seem gentle at first, but the talons and teeth on this guy are sure to convince you otherwise!

Number Six: The Baboon. If you had a blue butt, you might just be throwing some temper tantrums (and possibly feces), too. Baboons are considered to be the grumpiest of all primates and are nothing at all like the at-peace Rafiki. They are most feared for their habit of ganging up on enemies, but also like to engage in a large number of domestic battles. Often, they kill each other off simply to assert dominance.

Number Five: The Grey Wolf. With the sharpest fangs and a gruesome snarl to match, it is already clear how the grey wolf made number five on our list. Also known for hunting in large numbers, these handsome devils are relentless predators. They are known to overcome enemies much larger than themselves but kill each other mostly.

Number Four: The Rhino. With a sizable horn like that and a permanent grumpy glare, I think it is pretty much required for this animal to have a little too much angst. Their raging temper is mostly a result of their poor eyesight, leading them to attack first and ask questions later. Because of their eagerness to fight, their hasty reactions cause about half of the species’ mortality rate.

Number Three: The Bengal Tiger. Listen up kids, there is a good reason why your mom never let you take a tiger home from the zoo. They may be cute and just the classiest pet you could ever have, but the Bengal tiger is a fluffy ball of pure, predatory, territorial instinct. While monitoring their hunting grounds, these big cats are known to kill anything they deem as a threat. However, they don’t have much of a taste for humans; in fact, they have record levels of endangerment because of our species. Let’s hope they don’t have a taste for revenge. In terms of aggressive  animals, the Bengal tiger is an inimitable foe.

Number Two: The Tasmanian Devil. If you remember the infamous character from Looney Toons, you probably already get the idea. The temper is really about the same; however, the real thing looks absolutely nothing like its animated counterpart. Resembling an angry, diseased rat, the Tasmanian devil is found only in an elite area of Australia. One more reason that the outback proves to be so hostile. They are small in size, meaning they frighten easily and are quick to attack.

Number One: The Cape Buffalo. For an animal that commonly serves as a perch for birds, we can’t imagine how he became the most aggressive animal on the planet. There can certainly be categorized as stubborn, and prove to be a difficult kill for predators. Even in the midst of multiple lions, the Cape buffalo doesn’t go down without a fight. Standing at over a ton in excessive stature, the main defense for this creature is trampling the enemy. They travel mainly in herds for safety, though the horns can help with that, too. We really hope you enjoyed learning about the 16 most aggressive animals unleashing the beast within them!