BMW: 15 Amazing Facts You Didn’t Know (Part 2)

BMW is an automobile company worthy of a lengthy fact list. With an interesting and sometimes controversial history – as well as a consistent and quality product – there is much to investigate about the brand. Check out the second half of this list of 15 Things You Didn’t Know about BMW below…

Number Eight: At One Point in History, the Company Had Created the Fastest Motorcycle. It was 1937, and the high speed on the machine was 137.7 miles per hour. This is particularly terrifying when you consider than many of the world’s roads were either not very well paved or not paved at all at this point in history.

Number Seven: The Company Was Almost Bought By Mercedes. It was decades ago, but in 1959, BMW was closing to being bankrupt. Mercedes wanted to jump on the opportunity to buy out their primary competition, but BMW found some wealthy investors to keep their company afloat.

Number Six: The Original M Model Was Conceptualized as a Collaboration Between BMW and Lamborghini. Eventually, the Italians backed out and it became a fully-realized BMW machine. Nonetheless, it adds to the lure of the company that this model began in a sort of unintentional way.

Number Five: They Won in Formula 1 in 1983. And they did it with an engine that had been designed in 1962, over 20 years prior.

Number Four: The Company Recently Repurchased Its Motorcycle Factory. It’s an aesthetically beautiful bit of architecture in Munich. The company plans to recreate updated versions of their classic motorcycle models.

Number Three: There is Almost No Mode of Transportation Untouched by the Company. In addition to designing plane engines over history, they have also designed commercial airline interiors (and some fancy ones, at that). On top of all of that, they have designed train interiors as well and plan to bring their touch to the San Francisco BART train system in the near future.

Number Two: Many of the Parts From Different Models are Somewhat Interchangeable. You can take many parts from models dating back to the 1980’s and incorporate them into newer BMW models (if you want).

Number One: The Company is a Pioneer in Yet Another Way – Electric Automobiles. Tesla may have the throne at the moment, but BMW introduced its first electric model way back in 1972. We hope you enjoyed our list of 15 things you didn’t know about BMW!