Top 10 Hilarious Side Effects of Drinking (Part 2)

If our part one article listing the first five most hilarious side effects of drinking sent you laughing out of your chair, we would advise not taking a seat for this one. It is even better! We bet these final five drinkers can’t even remember the tales of their drunken hilarity, but they sure are entertaining. These are by far the dumbest things we have ever heard of drunk people doing, and you can find out by just reading along!

Number Five: Drying Off. A side effect of alcohol that is becoming much more common, getting naked seems to be quite an experience while drunk. However, this man took it a little too far. Completely nude, he dashed through his yard and broke into a neighbor’s home, where he took a naked nap in their dryer. He was arrested, and spent five days in jail for his misdemeanor. Hopefully, they allowed him to get dressed first.

Number Four: Getting Wild. Drunk driving is a serious offense though it was pretty comical in this situation. This man was pulled over and arrested with a blood alcohol level twice the legal limit. Upon arrest, he announced that he was just about to get out of the car to let someone else drive. However, the only other passengers in the vehicle were his pet zebra and macaw, buckled into the front seat. Wonder which one is a better driver.

Number Three: Drinking with a Python. After a night of partying on the town, three friends were approached by a man who wanted to sell the men an African rock python. They all figured it to be a good idea in their drunken stupor and bought the stolen snake. The next morning, one of the men woke to find the snake ready to strike at his sleeping buddy, and managed to capture it with a blanket. The man was arrested later that day, after trying to resell the illegal snake.

Number Two: Drunk Driving. Everyone makes mistakes sometimes, but irrational drunk thinking can make any situation even worse. Especially in the case of drunk driving. One woman, a 28-year-old mom, tried to overcome the woes of Wednesday by taking a few shots before her commute to work. The woman drove straight into a nearby mobile home and was mortified by what might happen to her. She removed her pants, which she later justified by saying she was trying to change her identity and drove off in her son’s battery-powered toy four-wheeler. The cops chased the woman in her “getaway car” down the neighborhood roads.

Number One: Got Milk? Upon a woman’s arrest for intoxication in Kentucky, she continued to build up charges while drunk. While she was being detained, she attacked a jailer at the location- with her breast milk. She was in process of changing into her new uniform when she shot the female officer in the face with her stream. In result, her misdemeanor evolved into a felony. We really hope you enjoyed reading our article (as much as we enjoyed writing it) about the 10 most hilarious side effects of drinking!