Wale ft. Usher: ‘Matrimony’ Single Review


Wale and Usher mature into the idea of accepting commitment (“If there’s a question of my heart / You got it / It don’t belong / To anyone/ But You”) on the single “The Matrimony.” In the album titled The Album About Nothing, Wale announces his feeling of wanting to settle down, but fans will think the rapper is catering all his singles to the women. Nevertheless, the song is flowing and would make a beneficial gain by being attached to an upcoming summer blockbuster scheduled for release. The only thing missing is more Usher on the record, even a verse would have helped.

Usher performs a refreshing vocal suited for the record’s love-themed spirit, modernizing the R&B record. Its very exceptional throughout chorus, “Baby / I’ve been making plans,” Mr. Raymond should take notice and produce amazing records like this on his much delayed forthcoming album. In Wale’s greatest moment, he rhymes out: “I need you to myself / Trying to send you afloat / But Don’t want to see you excel / because I failed.” Both artists shine on the record, but the R&B aspect is in the singer’s best interests, building an enduring impact.

Producer Jake One cooked the record with mellow ingredients since the theme is, of course, marriage, but his production of “The Matrimony,” boosts the single’s potential on radio. The chorus, “Baby don’t worry / I’ve got plans for you,” is a touching home run for the box office as it is the money-maker.

Usher needed to release this as his single, but at least, Wale got Usher back to his R&B roots. R&B followers will love the vibe of the record, which is very grown and sexy. Wale is perceived as having other artists on the hook, but now it is treading on tiresome. Hopefully, on his following single, it is a solo release. After the dull “That Body” featuring the flat Jeremih, this is perfect. For the moment, let the heart embrace the sentimental and vulnerable performance by these two stellar artists.

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