Somalia: 15 Things You Didn’t Know (Part 2)

Some of the basics of the African nation Somalia were covered in the first part of the list, but more interesting information about the country will be covered here in the second part. Scroll down for more interesting information!

Number Eight: It is Known as the Nation of Poets

There is a longstanding tradition of poetry in the region, and it is used differently than in some other countries. One example: mothers write poems as their children are born to demonstrate their love for them.

Number Seven: The Nation is Recognized as the Capital of Piracy

And we don’t mean illegal internet downloads. Real-life pirate hijacking activity is not uncommon on the waters of the Indian Ocean near the Somali shore. Opportunities are often scarce for inhabitants of the war-torn nation, so hijacking ships has become a source of income.

Number Six: Somali Pirates Have Their Own Stock Exchange

It’s not quite as advanced as what we think of when we imagine stock trading in the United States. But many pirates have a system where local Somalis can invest in operations and then profit from the stolen money and goods that pirates collect.

Number Five: There Was a Recent Famine that Very Few People Know About

When the situation in Somalia is discussed, most people refer to the ongoing civil war. Less known is the fact that there was a famine that killed over a quarter million Somalis between 2010 and 2012.

Number Four: They Love Offensive Nicknames

Some common offensive nicknames include “harelip,” “white hair” and “missing tooth.” The nicknames sometimes even accompany names on official government documents.

Number Three: They Recently Installed Their First ATM

It was installed in 2014. The machine was installed in the market at the Jazeera Palace, which is in Mogadishu, the aforementioned capital of the nation.

Number Two: There is More Female Circumcision Per Capita Than Anywhere Else on Earth

This is yet another depressing distinction. Somalis mutilate the genitals of young women more frequently than anywhere else on the planet.

Number One: Samosas Are Banned in Somalia (for Religious Reasons)

Apparently this ban exists because the food resembles the Christian Holy Trinity. Thanks for reading about Somalia!