Quentin Tarantino: 15 Things You Didn’t Know (Part 1)


Quentin Tarantino is maybe the most divisive filmmaker of his generation. Some demonize him for his stylized violence, others lionize him for his superb storytelling. But however you feel about his work, chances are you don’t know some of this information about his life.

Number Fifteen: Quentin Tarantino Has Never Given a Straight Answer On the Reason for the Title of Reservoir Dogs

He’s made up a few lies about it, though. He told investors that it was a gangster phrase for French films and that it meant “rat,” but he just made that up to appease them.

Number Fourteen: His First Two Jobs Were in the Adult Entertainment Industry

First, he drove around at night collecting the change from porn magazine racks. Next he worked as an usher in Torrance, California at a porn theater called the Pussycat Theater.

Number Thirteen: He Dropped Out of High School

Even though he has an IQ of 160. He has said he was bored with school and that he knew even back then that he wanted to make movies.

Number Twelve: He Once Played an Elvis Impersonator

It was on the show The Golden Girls was back in the day. He took roles like this one in order to get his Screen Actors Guild card.

Number Eleven: He Has a Thing for Feet

If you pay attention, you’ll notice that women’s feet factor in heavily in his movies. He has admitted to enjoying filming them.

Number Ten: He Almost Lost His Nipple to a Taxi Driver

The driver said some not so nice things about the women Tarantino was with, so he challenged him to a fight. The cab driver took a bite at his chest, but Quentin managed to make it out with both nipples intact.

Number Nine: The Only Character He’s Written Who He’s Truly Hated is Calvin Candie

This is the villain from Django Unchained, played by Leonardo DiCaprio. Tarantino has written some seriously vile characters, but he says this is the only one he ever truly hated. That’s all the Quentin we’ve got for now, but check back soon for part two!