Scorpions: 15 Things You Didn’t Know (Part 2)

 Oliver Rath / SME Germany
Oliver Rath / SME Germany

Not too long ago, we brought you part one of this list of Scorpions facts. There’s still quite a few to share, so here is part two.

Number Eight: They Were the First Hard Rock Band to Play in Russia

In 1988, the Scorpions accomplished something quite amazing by playing in Russia, as this type of music was no commonly accepted there at the time. They played there again in 2007, and Vladimir Putin was even in the audience.

Number Seven: The Original Singer and Guitarist Was Inspired by the Beatles

You wouldn’t know it by listening to them, but apparently Rudolf Schenker drew a lot of inspiration from the fab four. He also has cited Buddy Holly as a big influence.

Number Six: They Received a Lifetime Achievement Award

In February of 2009, the Scorpions were honored with Germany’s ECHO Honorary Award. This occurred in Berlin.

Number Five: They Were One of the First Bands to Play in the Eastern Bloc

The group played in Hungary in 1987. At this time, it wasn’t very common for Western bands to play in Eastern Europe so this was quite noteworthy.

Number Four: The Scorpions Played for 350,000 in South America

The Scorpions were featured in a gigantic rock festival called Rock in Rio, in Brazil. The guitarist Jabs had a guitar specifically made for the event, in the shape of the country.

Number Three: They Had Some Album Cover Controversy

One of their albums featured a mostly nude lady with a scorpion tattoo on her thigh, being embraced by a man in leather. Some retail shops refused to sell the album because of this.

Number Two: They Had to Cancel Tour Dates Due to Vocal Issues

In the early 80s, the band’s lead singer Meine developed issues in his vocal cords, and could not sing. For this reason, they had to pause in making their ninth album. The band refused to perform without him and waited for him to recover, then they released their 1982 album, Blackout.

Number One: They Don’t Want to be Satisfied With Their Success

Though they’ve been around for decades now and continue to be well known and famous, they have vowed not to be content with their achievements. They see a lot of competition in the world of rock and the need to prove that they deserve to exist within it. We hope you enjoyed this list of 15 things you didn’t know about the Scorpions.