Top 10 Craziest Happenings at Walmart (Part 1)

It probably doesn’t surprise you that some weird goings-on take place at Walmart, but these ten instances definitely take the cake. This store is the destination for unique clientele, and you won’t believe what could be happening at your local store! Read on to find out the craziest events that took place in this popular shopping center. Stay tuned for our part two article, coming soon with the top five craziest events that took place at Walmart!

Number Ten: Walmart Wedding

Everyone dreams of the perfect location for their wedding, but could you imagine Walmart fitting the bill for such an occasion? One store patron decided to test his luck when he asked out a cashier at a North Carolina location and took her out for dinner. They began dating, and when they decided to make it official, they agreed that the place they first met was the perfect destination for their wedding. The store agreed to host the event, and even made them a cake from their own bakery.

Number Nine: Got Milk?

As the result of either a prank, dare, or extreme thirst, one 18-year-old boy decided that it was a good idea to steal all the milk he could carry. The best part? He was dressed out in a full cow suit and even went as far as to crawl into the store like a cow. The associates apparently didn’t notice him leave with all of his stolen treasure, but people took notice when he started handing it out in front of the store. He was later arrested at a nearby McDonald’s, still decked out in his costume.

Number Eight: The Naked Thief

If you are going to embrace your inner klepto, it probably isn’t the best idea to do it nude. One 32-year-old man walked into a Walmart in hopes of stealing socks for his bare feet but undressed in the parking lot before entering the store. This caused a lot of attention, so obviously, he wasn’t successful in his plunder. He was so dedicated, however, that police were forced to use a stun gun on the man after he spat in their faces.

Number Seven: Getting it On

As one couple shopped at a Kansas store, they let their (completely sober) impulses get the best of them. First, they stole a bottle of lube from the shelves. Then, figuring they had better try it out first, they did just that- right in the middle of the aisle. Many customers got to see the action that took place, as it was during a busy, seemingly normal day. The couple was later arrested for their public indecency. Hey, it might have been worth it!

Number Six: Honey, I Found my Teeth

While browsing the aisles for a new wallet in a Massachusetts store, one man got a frightful surprise. As he opened the wallet he expected to purchase, he was horrified to find a set of ten human teeth. Employees and police alike were baffled by the discovery of the teeth, which were later confirmed to indeed be human. Still, nobody can explain how this happened. Stay tuned for our part two article, coming soon with the top five craziest events that took place at Walmart!