Anal Sex: 10 Questions Finally Answered (Part 2)

Our part one article with the first five answers to the questions you may have about anal sex filled you in, and may have even surprised you. Finally, we have returned with the answers to the top five questions of all! We are here to help you, so read on to find out everything that is commonly misunderstood about anal sex!

Five: Is it Going to Destroy my Insides?

Anal sex shouldn’t destroy anything, provided it is done the right way. It is possible to receive damage from any kind of sex, such as not utilizing enough lube for vaginal intercourse. Damage to your anus can be avoided by simply using a large dose of lubricant.

Number Four: Do I Need to Wear a Condom for Anal?

Medically speaking, a condom should be worn for every sexual encounter. No, you can’t get pregnant from your butt. However, any spillage is possible to enter the vagina, providing a pregnancy risk. What is even more, anal sex is a huge contributor to the contraction of sexually transmitted diseases- more than any other type of intercourse. For this reason, condoms should always be worn.

Number Three: Is Anal Sex Going to be All He Wants from Me?

Many women are under the impression that once you open the doors to anal sex, you will be stuck repeating the action every time he gets an urge. This may be true in some cases, but most men see the vagina as the main prize. The anus can be more pleasurable from its extra-tight nature, and if you are experiencing issues with this, you should lay down the law with your man. Make sure that standard intercourse remains the norm, with anal thrown in only as an occasional treat.

Number Two: Is it Going to Make Me…Loose?

Women often fear this notorious act believing that once the anus has become stretched out, it will never return to its normal size. This doesn’t have to be true- you just have to be smart about it. Just like there are ways to return the vagina to its fit and tight size, it is possible to do the same with the anus. Most women take advantage of exercising with Kegels, just do the rear-end equivalent.

Number One: Doesn’t Anal Sex Get Kind of Messy?

Because of the nature of the location to be penetrated, most people are put off by this type of sex. In reality, the anus is often a lot cleaner than most people think (with the proper cleaning). Most people should have minimal mess with spontaneous anal sex; however, there are precautions available if you want to be extra confident. Enemas are always an option for extremely self-conscious partakers, but there are less invasive options as well. Try to plan out your sexy ventures to take place roughly two hours after a bowel movement, and you should be just fine. Although, you should stay away from the prune juice until after. We hope you enjoyed reading the answers to all the 10 questions you may have had about anal sex!