Breasts: 31 Things Every Woman Should Know (Part 4)

The health of a woman’s breasts is vastly important to her well-being and self-image, as we have showed you with the first 23 things that every woman should know about her breasts in parts one through three. We have finally returned with our part four article, featuring the top eight most important things that you should know about your girls! Read on to find out everything there is to know, you might be missing out on something!

Number Eight: Surviving Cancer

As research has grown and treatment technology has been enhanced, survival rates have been consistently rising. Since 1990, the mortality rate for this cancer has dropped 2%.

Number Seven: Medical Terms

Allow us to take a moment to feed you some medical terminology that doctors might call your boobs. Possible names include mamm-o (like mammography), mast-o (like mastectomy), or maz-o (meaning “without a breast”).

Number Six: Plastic Surgery

An increasingly high percentage of women are seeking the aid of plastic surgery for aesthetic purposes. While silicone or saline implants are still the most popular procedure to have done, the percentage of women seeking mammoplasty procedures (lifting or augmentation without an implant) is growing at twice the rate of implant surgeries. It is estimated that roughly 300,000 implant procedures are performed every year.

Number Five: Breastfeeding

As Americans lean towards natural mothering techniques for their children, the rate of breastfeeding significantly rises. Researchers estimate that the rate of mothers who breastfeed rises by as much as 2% annually. Those in the west also tend to nurse their children longer than mothers in the south, statistically speaking.

Number Four: Breast Variety

Breasts come in diverse natures, appearing in all kinds of shapes and sizes. In the plastic surgery industry, they have created a language of jargon to describe the shape of almost every type of breast, including: “tube socks”, “flat tires”, and even “Snoopy” breasts.

Number Three: Breasts – The “Perfect” Set

Everyone tries to tell us, women that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes and no one is perfect, but we can’t help but feel like that is simply a load of crap after seeing the gifted stars of Hollywood. Some of the most famous breasts in history have included the mountains of Jayne Mansfield, Sophia Loren, and especially Marilyn Monroe.

Number Two: Stars Who Were Struck

Breast cancer knows no limits for its victims. Because it has become such a common disease, it is not surprising that many famous people have had to battle the onset of cancer. These people include Judy Blume, Kathy Bates, Sheryl Crow, Betty Ford, Olivia Newton-John, Joan Lunden, Suzanne Somers, and even Peter Criss from KISS.

Number One: Jolie’s Confession

Renowned actress of the red carpet A-list, Angelina Jolie, announced just last year that she had prophylactic mastectomies performed in order to reduce her risk of getting breast cancer. Her genetics led her to believe that she was highly as risk for the cancer. After this event, the rate at which women received mammograms and blood testing for breast cancer more than doubled. We really hope you enjoyed learning all 31 facts that every woman should know about her breasts!