Cancer: 46 Pressing Facts You Should Know (Part 5)

Our parts one through four articles with the first 36 facts that everyone should know about cancer really filled you in with important information about this disease, but there is much more to come! To find out everything that there is to know about cancer, keep reading our list for the final set of the top 10 pressing facts that you should know in part five!

Number Ten: Statistics for Children

As sad as it is, it is predicted that approximately 12,060 children suffer cancer-related deaths every year. Children account for as few as 1% of all cancerous deaths, however it is still the second leading cause of death to kids, exceeded only by car accidents.

Number Nine: Foul Play

It has been claimed by a professor by the name of Devra Davis that it is evident many companies are providing false information about the effects of benzene and tobacco to avoid devastation to their profits. She also believes that too much funding is going to exploring possibilities for the cure of cancer, claiming that it would be better used to enhance prevention of the disease.

Number Eight: The Importance of Pap Smears

The Pap smear is known today as an efficient test to measure an individual’s risk for cervical cancer, and a significant tool in its prevention. However, it is widely conspired by researchers that this technique was kept under wraps for as long as a decade after the discovery of its proven benefit in order to keep medical practice professionals profitable.

Number Seven: Nuclear Effects

It has recently become quite evident that cancerous cells can be increased by exposure to nuclear chemicals. This was especially evident in the Chernobyl nuclear disaster, which is stated to have produced the largest number of cancer patients than any other singular event in history.

Number Six: Don’t Touch My Boobs

As a result of the oppression of women in Middle-Eastern countries, breast cancer has become increasingly fatal in these areas. A large majority of the women living in these societies simply refuse to get tested for the disease, mortified from the shame of being examined by the primarily male staff of doctors.

Number Five: Sneezing Out Cancer

In Texas, one young girl developed a large brain tumor by the age of only 11 years. The worst part, it had to be removed through her nose. After a 13.5-hour procedure, medical professionals were able to successfully remove it.

Number Four: The Bachelor Risk

Many men enjoy the benefits of the decision to be a bachelor for the course of their lives, but this lifestyle can also have a detrimental effect in terms of cancer risk. These men are as much as 35% more likely to develop the illness than a married man. In addition, married women are more likely to survive its development.

Number Three: The Worst Mother

In 2009, one woman was convicted of one of the most deplorable murders we have ever heard of. As her son battled a rough fight with leukemia, she allegedly would not allow the boy to take his medications. Sadly, he died at only nine years of age.

Number Two: Ending the Struggle

As you can imagine, it isn’t easy to cope with the onset of cancer. It is such a troubling experience that many people prefer to avoid it altogether, making cancer patients twice as likely to commit suicide than any other group of people. It is even more likely for men to do this, most often immediately after the diagnosis.

Number One: The Tumor that Saved Millions

Polio vaccines and successful experiments in the line of cloning can thank the aid of Henrietta Lacks whether she wanted to help or not. This woman died of cervical cancer in 1951, though doctors were able to obtain samples from her cancerous tumor that they removed. These samples provided “HeLa” (cancerous) cells, from which sprouted an array of successful studies and experiments. This information isn’t widely known, as the samples obtained from Miss Lacks were taken with neither her permission nor that of her family after her death. We hope you enjoyed exploring our list of the 46 pressing facts that everyone should know about cancer!