Sex and the City: 15 Things You Didn’t Know (Part 2)

We already brought you the first part of our series on Sex and the City, but there is still more to reveal about this fabulous show. Check out part two for yourself below!

Number Seven: ‘Sex and the City’ Honored September 11

For the first four seasons, Sarah Jessica Parker’s name appeared over an image of the Twin Towers. The attacks on September 11 happened between the first and second part of the fourth season, but when the second half of the fourth season premiered Parker’s name was now in front of the Empire State Building.

Number Six: The Girls’ Addresses Aren’t Real

As with other shows that take place in New York City, the character’s addresses are not real. The apartments may be, but Carrie’s apartment is not actually on E. 73rd St., Miranda does not live on the Upper West Side, Samantha does not actually reside in the Meatpacking District and you won’t find Charlotte on the Upper East Side. If you want to find the exterior of Carrie’s apartment though, that is in the West Village on Perry St..

Number Five: Carrie Was Inspired By Author Candace Bushnell

Bushnell, the author of the book “Sex and the City” was a columnist for The New York Observer. As Carrie experiences during the show, Bushnell was paid for her columns to be filmed, which served as the basis for the show.

Number Four: Mr. Big Is Real

Bushnell took a leaf out of her own book of ex-boyfriends when she created the character of Mr. Big. He was based on one of her own exs, Ron Galotti, a former magazine executive

Number Three: Natasha Only Ever Wore White

Mr. Big’s wife Natasha may have only been in seven episodes, but she packed a punch while she was around. One interesting thing about her was she only wore white, and not because she was pure. It was meant to represent she had a vanilla personality.

Number Two: The Girls Never Repeated a Single Outfit

In the twelve seasons that Sex and the City aired, all four ladies wore crazy but fashionable outfits. Somehow, not one of them ever wore the same thing again. The only exception is when Carrie wears a fur coat from the first season in the last episode of the series.

Number One: The Last Episode Was Supposed To Be It

The final episode of the series was meant to be the final page in the girls stories. But due to demand from fans, two movies were made following the end of the series. We hope you enjoyed our list of 15 things you didn’t know about Sex and the City!