Mariska Hargitay: 15 Things You Didn’t Know (Part 2)

We already brought you part one of the series on actress Mariska Hargitay. Since there is still so much more to tell, here is part two!

Number Eight: She Is A Mom

Hargitay and husband Peter Hermann had their son, August Miklos Friedrich Hermann, in 2006. In April 2011, the couple adopted Amaya Josephine. And in October 2011, they adopted a baby boy, Andrew Nicolas Hargitay Hermann.

Number Seven: She Dropped Out of College

She began studying theater at UCLA in 1982 but left before she completed her degree. She donated $100,000 to the UCLA School of Theater Film and Television for scholarship purposes in 2011.

Number Six: She’s Put Her Acting Experience To Use Off-Screen

Hargitay was in New York City when she witnessed a pregnant woman collapse. When she notice that no one came to help her, Hargitay jumped into her character of Oliva Benson and began helping the woman with experiences from the show.

Number Five: She and the SVU Cast Are Close

Since the cast of the detective show has worked together for so long, they have all become extremely close with each other. Hargitay is even Godmother to Christopher Meloni’s (Detective Stabler) daughter Sophia.

Number Four: Mariska Hargitay Has A Few Nicknames

Her hard exterior on SVU may make it seem that Hargitay is serious all the time. But with nicknames like Marish, Maria, Mackie and even Bubbles, that does not seem very likely.

Number Three: She Made It The Hard Way

Instead of taking her mother’s name and using it to get television and film roles, she never changed her name, hair color or appearance. She also refused to do nude photos as her mother had done.

Number Two: She Brings Home Some Serious Bacon

Hargitay’s character Olivia Benson does more than help rape victims, it also helped Hargitay become the highest paid television actress. Despite this, fame and fortune have not changed her personally.

Number One: She Works Outside of Acting

Going along with the nature of SVU’s cases, Hargitay is a trained rape crisis counselor. She has said this training helps her cope on a daily basis with the demands of being a mom and friend. Thanks so much for reading!