Kate Winslet: 15 Things You Didn’t Know (Part 2)

Kate Winslet: 15 Things You Didn't Know (Part 2)
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Kate Winslet is one of the most celebrated actresses working today, and for good reason. She’s won countless awards – and she’s been nominated for even more. But we’ll go past the surface in this is. Read below for part two!

Number Eight: She Had Her Wedding Breakfast in a Pub

You might not expect that acting royalty like Kate Winslet would have her wedding breakfast following her marriage ceremony to cameraman Jim Threapleton in a local pub. But she did, and she ordered a nice hearty meal of bangers and mash.

Number Seven: She is the Youngest-ever Actress to Have Two Oscar Nominations

This is one of a few acting records she holds to this day. The two movies she was nominated for were Sense And Sensibility in 1996 and again for her role in Titanic in 1998.

Number Six: Kate Winslet Was Bullied Growing Up

It’s hard to imagine now, but Kate used to be bullied for being overweight – and for having large feet. She was even nicknamed Blubber and was locked in the school’s art cupboard more than once. She said she was always told it was a shame that she was fat because she had such a pretty face.

Number Five: She Has Spoken Out About Photoshop

She has pointed out when images of her have been digitally altered. GQ issue an apology in 2003 after they printed pictures of her that were photoshopped without her knowing about it.

Number Four: She Used to Work at a Local Deli in England

In fact, when Kate Winslet found out she got her first part in a feature film, she was making a pastrami sandwich. From there, she went on to star in a critically acclaimed role in Heavenly Creatures.

Number Three: She Was Known as the Period Piece Babe

This came after acting in many period pieces early in her career. Some examples include Titanic, Sense and Sensibility, Jude, and Hamlet.

Number Two: She Wanted the Role of Juliet in Romeo + Juliet

This would have been yet another period piece – except for the fact that is was set in modern-day California. She knew she would not be given the part, though, because she was older than the character.

Number One: Kate Winslet Flashed Leo DiCaprio When They Met

This is a strange one, especially for Leo. When she knew she’d have to do a nude scene with him, she flashed him to break the ice. Thanks for reading!

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