Maria Sharapova: 15 Things You Didn’t Know (Part 2)


Welcome back to the list of 15 things you didn’t know about Maria Sharapova. In part one, much was mentioned about her early life and her history of many endorsements. But there’s plenty more to cover here in part two, including not just the struggles she had to overcome to get to where she is today, but also the myriad accomplishments she has pulled off in the realm of tennis. Read on for more Maria Sharapova facts!

Number Eight: Her Father Taught Her to Play on Public Courts

He worked many jobs to support her dream of tennis, but he still couldn’t make enough money to pay for lessons. His solution? Train her himself on free courts. Seems like that paid off as well as anything else would have.

Number Seven: She Wears a Cross Whenever She Plays

She has said that she doesn’t like to over-accessorize when she competes. But she does like to wear a cross whenever playing tennis.

Number Six: She Was the Youngest Person to Reach the Finals of the Australian Open Junior Tournament

Add this to the list of impressive firsts for Maria Sharapova. She was just 15 when she accomplished this record in 2002.

Number Five: She Won Wimbledon as a Teenager

It was her first grand slam title, too. She managed to pull this one off at the age of 17 years old.

Number Four: She Finds British Accents Sexy

If we have any Englishmen reading, now you know – all you have to do is talk to the million tennis star. She has also said that London is one of her all-time favorite cities.

Number Three: She Became the First Russian Woman to Ever Be Ranked Number One

Can she ever stop breaking tennis records? This one was set in 2005 when the athlete was 18 years of age.

Number Two: She Has Her Own Candy Line

This is not the usual business you would expect any celebrity to launch, much less a professional tennis player. But it’s true: the company is called Sugarpova.

Number One: Many of Her Opponents Disapprove of Maria Sharapova’s Shouting

She has a distinctive noise she makes when she hits the ball. But many of her opponents have complained about it, and some have even called for it to be banned. This is the end of the list of things you didn’t know about Maria Sharapova. Hope you enjoyed it!