Sherlock: 15 Things You Didn’t Know (Part 1)

Sherlock is a British-American crime TV show inspired by the very famous Sherlock Holmes detective stories. The series began in 2010 and has been a great success. Here is part one of our list of facts you didn’t know about the show.

Number Fifteen: The Abandoned Tube Station at Sumatra Road Isn’t Real

The site chosen for filming the episode The Empty Hearse is actually in West Hampstead. The location is not, in reality, an abandoned London tube station, although one exists close by.

Number Fourteen: The Unpopular Semi-Nude Scene

Apparently, the BBC received more than 100 complaints about Lara Pulver’s role in the show. Feminists were outraged by an (almost) nude scene she did.

Number Thirteen: Fans Can Visit the Real Cafe Frequented by Homes and Watson

It’s a real place called Speedy’s Cafe on Gower Street. Fans come from all over the planet to visit the sandwich shop, so the restaurant has catered to the fans by creating Sherlock-themed meals, such as the Sherlock wrap.

Number Twelve: Sherlock, the Gay Icon of China

People often assume that the character is meant to be asexual, and he’s even had fans come up to him and think him for representing asexuals. There is no indication in the original stories that Sherlock is meant to be asexual, or gay for that matter, but China insists upon considering him a homosexual icon nonetheless.

Number Eleven: His Violin Playing is Dubbed Over

He took classes and learned how to play and also act like he was playing for a couple of episodes in season two. Although he really was playing live on the set, it was replaced by a recording of a more advanced violist.

Number Ten: China Wants Faster Episodes

David Cameron took an official visit to China and allowed citizens of the nation to ask him questions through Twitter. The most popular message was urging him to make Sherlock episodes come out faster, because they’re tired of waiting two years between seasons.

Number Nine: Japan’s Version

There are a few different Japanese manga versions of the show, including a canine anime series. We hope you enjoyed part one of our list. Return soon for part two.