Kate Upton: 15 Things You Didn’t Know (Part 2)

Kate Upton: 15 Things You Didn't Know (Part 2)


Recently we brought you part one of this list of facts about Kate Upton, the famous model. We learned the surprising fact that she was not popular in high school, and was insulted by Victoria’s Secret. Here is part two of the list.

Number Eight: Kate Upton and Carl’s Jr.

She appeared in a Carl’s Jr. ad that was banned for being too sexual. Although she has starred in this commercial, she claims that she does not eat beef.

Number Seven: Boob Envy

When Kate was in junior high, she used to get made fun of for being flat chested. People said she was not pretty because she didn’t have boobs, so when they finally appeared, she was very happy.

Number Six: A Brief Role in Mr. Hightower

Kate gained her fame over a youtube video going viral, when her beauty was recognized by name. One of the opportunities presented to her was starring briefly in Ben Stiller and Eddie Murphy’s comedy titled Mr. Hightower.

Number Five: She Was Already Rich Before Getting Famous

Her great-grandfather co-founded the huge corporation, Whirlpool. This means her inheritance will be $20 billion and she will likely never have to worry about money for the rest of her life.

Number Four: Kate is an Equestrian

It’s unclear how much time she has for these activities with her very busy schedule nowadays, but in her youth, she was an accomplished equestrian. Upton has won three Reserve World Championships, which is quite prestigious.

Number Three: She Has an Uncle in Congress

It seems that this lady has a very successful family. Her uncle Frederick is a member of the U.S. House of Representatives, and has been a part of it since ’87.

Number Two: Another Banned Ad

This one was for the popular American clothing company Zoo York. It was banned by both MTV and Adult Swim for being too provocative.

Number One: She was Horrified by Her Viral Video

You may be familiar with her infamous Youtube hit. Apparently she was not very happy about this becoming so wildly popular. We hope you enjoyed part two of our list of interesting facts about Kate Upton.

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