Top 21 Facts About The Big Bang Theory (Part 2)

Recently, we brought you part one of this list of facts about The Big Bang Theory, a very popular American sitcom which began airing in 2007. We’re back now with part two, and part three is coming soon!

Number Fourteen: The Belarus Ripoff

An unofficial knockoff of The Big Bang Theory came out in Belarus titled The Theorists. The show featured four scientists named Sheldon, Leo, Hovart, and Raj, and even had a blonde waitress living next door. Coincidence?

Number Thirteen: The Euglossa Bazinga

Biologists discovered a new species of bee in South America and named it after Sheldon’s favorite word in 2012. It’s quite ironic, then, that Sheldon is allergic to bees.

Number Twelve: Back to Back Triple Season Renewals

For the first time in modern day television history, a sitcom has been given back to back season renewals three times in a row. This is highly uncommon for American TV networks.

Number Eleven: The Big Bang Theory Apocalypse Predictions

An article on Cracked mused that the show might be planning an apocalypse. The writers of the series, however, have come out and said that they have no plan for how the show will end.

Number Ten: Only Howard Hasn’t Seen Penny Naked

He’s the only male character on the show who has not. Leonard obviously has since they were dating, Raj has as well, and Sheldon brought her to the hospital after she slipped in the shower.

Number Nine: Sheldon’s Shirts Reveal His Mood

The character is always sporting a different colored t-shirt with a Green Lantern logo on it. Each shirt has a different mood attached to the color, for instance red symbolizes anger and blue is hope. Whenever Sheldon wears one of the shirts, his emotions will likely reflect that of his shirt.

Number Eight: Clever Star Trek References

Wil Wheaton comes on the show as a recurring version of himself, and references his part in Star Trek: The Next Generation on a few different occasions. Highly observant fans of both The Big Bang Theory and Star Trek may have already noticed that one. Check back soon for part three of our article.