Butt Exercises: 15 Helpful Tips (Part 1)

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People Magazine

Butt exercises are a girl’s best friend, and we have finally come to give you the best knowledge available about working your glutes! Butt day at the gym is essential for every fit beauty, and we are here to give you the scoop on everything that you need to know to get the most optimal results! Don’t forget to come back for our part two article, where we reveal the top eight helpful tips for your butt exercises!

Number Fifteen: Starting Out

In toning this particular area of your body, it is first important to understand why it is there in the first place. You might assume that humans developed their posteriors in order to have a comfortable padding to rest on, but this isn’t the primary reason. The way the erect human body is set up, walking puts a lot of stress on the lower back, where the pelvis connects with the spine. To withstand this stress, the muscles in this area need to be stronger, and require a little padding to protect them.

Number Fourteen: Why Should I Work My Butt?

If you have decided to take the steps to a healthier lifestyle and begin working out, it is most likely because you want to change your body’s image. Let’s be honest here, it certainly is a perk of working out to seem more attractive to men. So why should we work that booty? To catch the men like flies in honey, of course. Men are scientifically attracted to big butts because it is simply part of our nature. In primitive days, long-distance running was seen as a major aspect of survival for humans. Big butts help to stabilize and balance the body while running, meaning that these types would be more likely to outrun predators.

Number Thirteen: Understanding the Muscles Used in Butt Exercises

Your gluteus is composed of three muscles: the gluteus maximus, medius, and minimus. The primary job of the maximum muscle is to take the grunt of the workload, and shapes the form of your posterior. It performs when your thigh is raised to its side, your leg rotates, or your hips move forward.

Number Twelve: The Medius and Minimus

The gluteus medius and minimus work as more of a team. These muscles have the responsibility for the ability to raise your leg higher to the side. They also work to rotate the weight of your thighs outward when the leg is straightened out, and inward with the bending of the hips.

Number Eleven: You’re Always Doing Butt Exercises

Even though you don’t notice, you are pretty much always taking advantage of these muscles. They are constantly working and toning while you walk, stand, balance, jump, and even sit.

Number Ten: The Impact

Therefore, the more activity you force these muscles to perform, the stronger they will become. This adds not only the visual benefit of a great butt but will also improve performance. With stronger glutes, you may notice that your athletic skills improve, and your balance will see some benefits, too.

Number Nine: In Comparison

We doing butt exercises, you are working the biggest muscle area in your entire body. The combination of the three muscles has a larger mass than any other muscle group in the human body. The best part of this is that when you exercise theses muscles, you are burning the most calories possible. Don’t forget to come back for our part two article, where we reveal the top eight helpful tips for your butt exercises!