Rihanna ft. Drake: ‘Work’ Music Video Review


Rihanna is definitely having quite a year so far – she is just what 2016 needed. Her latest and long anticipated album Anti is doing massive numbers, she’s looking finer than ever, she’s breaking records here and there and she has potentially the hottest song in the world right now.

Anti is undoubtedly her best put together album to date. She gets better with time. I am judging this from the versatility and variety the album presents and how everyone has a song for them on that album. The album literally speaks to each and every person who listens to it.

Word on the street is “Work,” which features OVO rapper Drake, has a hotter video than Rita Ora and Chris Brown’s “Body on Me.” I’ll call it a draw on my end. Both videos displayed remarkably sensual scenes. What brings me here today is the “Work” video. The video is the most intense video on TV right now. “Work” has two videos, but I’ll be talking about the one set in the restaurant / club.

First things first, Rihanna looks absolutely stunning.

The netted dress leaves so much for your eyes to see. She complements the luscious look with her alluring dance moves. She winds her waist, slow enough to get you enticed. This goes with her face which wears the “come get me” expression. She even twerks in this video.

The entire video is centered on a theme of a fun night out. The people at the restaurant / club are all having a good time. It is a “just let go and have fun” setting when you look at what’s happening in the video. It’s a night of drinks and food – you’ll notice a woman in the kitchen pass over two plates of scrumptious-looking food.

Rihanna puts “it” on Drake real good. He is hanging with his boys and a sexy Rihanna comes to him and then his verse starts. As he drops one of those legendary captivating Drake verses, Rihanna is winding on him and you can see that he absolutely enjoys it. Their chemistry is absolutely undeniable and already from this video we have comments from fans who claim that the two are meant to be. Maybe!

A great song deserves a great video, and “Work” definitely scored all points on this one. The dancers in the video keep it simple and exciting, and the setting is absolutely fitting for a song that is a perfect intermix of dancehall and reggae-pop song. On nights out I can bet we all will be looking forward to this song and for Rihanna, that’s a win that cuts across a wide demographic.

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