Top 10 Most Inappropriate Children’s Toys Ever Made (Part 1)

Welcome to the list of the 10 most inappropriate toys ever made. As you can imagine, there is some weird stuff on this list. From the offensive to the disgusting to the downright confusing, this list is sure to introduce you to some fun new playthings.

Number Ten: One of the Creepiest Toys – Adolf Hitler Doll

The reason for this one being inappropriate is pretty much in the name. It’s hard to imagine how this could be designed, manufactured and approved by anyone – unless it was a voodoo doll for angry Americans to prick and destroy. Alas, it was not intended for that, but feel free to use it that way if you ever get your hands on one.

Number Nine: Poopy-Time Fun Shapes

Poopy-Time Fun Shapes fall into that category of the disgusting toys for children. These were like little cookie cutters, but for butts. Parents were meant to place them between their children’s cheeks so that they could poop out shapes. Somehow this was meant to improve the experience of defecation for kids.

Number Eight: McDonald’s Drive-Thru Play Set

This one is innocent enough. Nothing particularly disgusting or offensive about this creation 0 at least compared to some of the others. But it is a little weird to have children pretending to serve food from a drive-thru. It’s not really something to aspire to. It’s also just creepy to think of McDonald’s creating this set, imagining all of the little McDonald’s drones that they’re fostering.

Number Seven: Oozinator

The Oozinator is probably close to what it sounds like. It’s like a super soaker, only it shoots ooze. Which is disgusting enough, but when you see (and probably feel) the substance that is shot out of it, you might be reminded of another substance. A similar substance. One generally not a great toy for little kids.

Number Six: Tattoo Toy Set

This might not seem too inappropriate to some parents. But others probably don’t want their kids getting so excited about tattoos before they can even remotely understand the concept of permanence. That’s it for part one, check back for part two soon!