Top 20 Sexiest Music Videos Ever Made (Part 2)

Recently, we brought you part one of this three-part list of the top 20 sexiest music videos ever made. Now, we bring you part two, with seven more videos that prove that it sometimes pays off to be provocative. Check back soon for part three of this list.

Number Thirteen: Bruno Mars – Gorilla

Taking place in a strip club of all places. The video features scenes of his love interest pole dancing while his band plays spliced with scenes to the two getting hot and heavy in the back of a limo and on a bed. The colors scream sleazy, smoky bar with lots of liquor and sex.

Number Twelve: Queen – Body Language

This video has the distinct honor of being the first video banned by MTV, and with good reason. Featuring naked men and women in a sauna dancing and writhing together, the video is pretty steamy, no pun intended.

Number Eleven: Chris Isaak – Wicked Games

Shot in black and white, the slow, sultry song’s video features Isaak and a model chasing each other on a beach. As the video progresses, they both start losing their clothes. As sexy videos go, this one is actually pretty classy, as the pair actually look like they like each other.

Number Ten: Whitesnake – Here I Go Again

Tawney Kitaen’s performance in Whitesnake’s video stands as one of the sexiest, most iconic shots in rock history. It has become so ingrained in pop culture history that it was even referenced in the video for Bowling for Soup’s “1985.” The original video showed Kitaen writhing on the hood of a car, as well as inside the car with Whitesnake singer and future husband David Coverdale.

Number Nine: Madonna – Justify My Love

Banned by MTV, like a number of Madonna’s other videos, “Justify My Love” features several sexy scenes that are NSFW. A couple of these scenes include a three-way between Madge, a man and a woman, and a room with a couple performing S&M acts. There is also a very flexible shadowy man who I assume represents sex with his interpretive dancing.

Number Eight: t.A.T.u – All the Things She Said

The Russian pop duo’s only hit in the United States, the video got a lot of people talking. Featuring the duo in school girl uniforms in the pouring rain behind a fence, they were also romantically embracing each other. In 2002, lesbianism was still seen as “other” in popular culture and, therefore, taboo. It turns out, though, the ladies aren’t even gay.

Number Seven: One of the Most Iconic Music Videos: Britney Spears – I’m a Slave 4 U

Meant to be Spears’ big “I’m an adult now” moment, the video for “I’m a Slave 4 U” does this all too well. Featuring a big group dance party, the video is a steamy, sexy orgy of people dancing and grinding on top of one another. This video was sure to have caused the sexual awakening of many young men in the early 2000s. Check back for part three of this list of the top 20 sexiest music videos ever made, coming soon.